‘Gilligan’s Island’ Star Dawn Wells Sold Mary Ann’s Original Gingham Blouse and Cut-off Jean Shorts for a Shockingly Small Amount in 2005

Gilligan Island alum Dawn Wells died on December 30, 2020, at the age of 82. Although the TV show only ran for three seasons, Mary Ann Summers became the image girl next door. With so much of the show and remixes still airing today, it’s no surprise that Mary Ann’s original gingham blouse and shorts were sold out for so little.

Dawn Wells, star of Gilligan Island
Island Star Gilligan Dawn Wells CBS through Getty Images

‘Gilligan’s Island’ alum Dawn Wells died of complications from COVID-19

American girlfriend Wells, who represented the Mary Ann Summers reference track, died at the age of 82 on December 30, 2020.

“America’s favorite highway, Dawn Wells, passed peacefully in the morning, painlessly due to Covid’s complications,” said journalist Harlan Boll. The Times.

Although Wells admitted the situation was difficult, she was not happy that her friend started the donation page.

“It’s scary,” Wells told Inside Edition. “If you don’t have a family or a spouse or anyone who has a cash register, it’s expensive.”

The actor was in the hospital for several months due to a serious illness that caused medical accounts to increase. However, she was angry about her friend for starting a GoFundMe page in her name.

“I’m not dead broken,” she said. “People are out there trying to feed their children. And someone says, ‘get assets, Dawn. ‘I can handle it! I can get a job and go to work. ”

Gingham blouse and Mary Gilligan’s Island star sold for very little

In 2005, Wells announced its original gingham blouse and jean briefs from the acclaimed TV series. according to The Times, a Beverly Hills auction house sold the set for just $ 20,700.

Her journalist reports that her famous gingham dress and shorts can be seen in the lobby of the Hollywood Museum. The actors on the show changed so many times that it is not surprising that some of the star ‘s clothes were sold at auction. However, fans expected the clothing articles to sell for larger sums.

Tina Louise, played by Ginger Grant, is now the only original member of the 1960s image series. Gilligan Island reruns are currently streaming on MeTV.

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