George Clooney Recalls His Frightening Near-Death Motorcycle Accident — ‘I Used Up My 9 Lives on That One’

George Clooney was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in 2018 that could have taken his life. Fortunately, he walked away from the incident with minor injuries, but the experience was difficult for him, nonetheless.

He recently opened up about the experience and recalled everything that happened that day, describing how he thought he was going to die. He also lamented how people today prefer to photograph someone in pain rather than help them.

George Clooney was involved in a motorcycle accident that almost killed him

George Clooney
George Clooney will be speaking almost at Screen Talk at the 64th BFI London Film Festival | BFI through Getty Images

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In 2018, Clooney was involved in a near-fatal motorcycle accident. He recalled details of the incident when he recently appeared Howard Stern Exhibition.

“It was in Sardinia, and I was going at about 70 miles per hour,” Clooney said. “And one turned in front of me, and I was launched.”

He was able to somehow avoid serious injuries

While the horrific crash shocked everyone involved at the time, Clooney walked away from it almost unscathed. Clooney himself is still struggling to understand how he made it out alive.

“It will do those things you see on the street after an accident,” Clooney said. “I took off my shoes. My shoes were all the way down the street and I came ashore with my hands and knees. If you threw a pencil up in the air 1,000 times, you lay on my hands and knees. If I had landed in some other way it might have killed me. I used nine lives on that one. “

George Clooney’s wife, Amal, told him to stop a motorcycle

Needless to say, Clooney Amal’s wife wanted to disqualify him from motorcycles after the accident.

“I was in hospital and Amal came and I got it – in a very vulnerable situation, I would say – and he said, ‘Very good that with a motorcycle,’ And I was like, ‘Ok. ‘”

He thought he was going to die

Clooney was convinced he was going to die at the scene of the crash.

“That was the most amazing thing,” said Clooney. “I’m very optimistic, and I’m so good – I believe in the well-being of people. I think things are, in general, working out. But I will say for a moment, that moment when you do – when I hit the ground. And I was really thinking – I’m waiting for the click version of it. I thought it was this. ”

People tried to paint a picture of the Clooney crash instead of helping

For Clooney, what upset him was seeing how people responded to him after he landed on the ground, a bloody mass.

“I had broken this windshield, and I thought all my teeth had been knocked out,” Clooney said. “I had a glass from the windshield in my mouth. I was pouring a lot. And I was sitting there, I was screaming, and everyone got out and they pulled out their cameras and they started taking pictures… ”

It was disappointing to see what people in today ‘s society care about capturing moments on their phone instead of helping others.

“I’ll remember that for a long time because I thought, that moment is where you are right – it’s like someone falls in the subway now and everyone pulls their phone off, and you go, ‘Go get them out of the subway. ” Everyone’s trying to spend their lives on the phone now. ”

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