George Clooney Borrowed His Uncle’s Accent For ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’

George Clooney is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood, so he knows a thing or two about preparing for a career. He is not afraid to do his research and has used people in his life as inspiration.

In fact, Clooney relied on his uncle’s stroke to steer her inside O Brother, Where you are role.

George Clooney borrowed from his uncle’s accent for a job

George Clooney
George Clooney attends “O Brother, Where Art Thou? ”15th Anniversary Screening | Lars Niki / Corbis through Getty Images

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Clooney ‘s performance in Brother, Where are you? Does he have one of the best. He plays an escaped criminal who seeks treasure with his two companions. The post itself called for a thick Southern accent, which Clooney did not grow naturally despite being born in Kentucky.

To master the accent, Clooney relied on Uncle Jack, he said recently Howard Stern.

“I did it with my – when I did O Brother, Where you are, Joel and Ethan [Coen] I shouted and said, ‘It’ s kind of a kick, ‘and I’ll go, well,’ I’m from Kentucky. ‘He says,’ Well, we really want him to be like a hick. ‘ And I’ll go, ‘Okay.’ ”

George Clooney persuaded his Southern uncle to read the screen into a tape machine

After Clooney signed up for the position, he decided to reach out to his uncle for some guidance on developing his Southern accent.

“So I captured the script and sent a tape recorder to my uncle Jack in Kentucky,” Clooney said. “He lives in Harrisburg Kentucky, and I said to him, I said,‘ Read the whole script into this tape recorder. And I’ll get you a dialect coach, I’ll get you some money and credit in the movie. ”

After retrieving the tape, he studied his uncle ‘s speech patterns and worked on mirroring them.

“And I get the tape back, and I play it and I hear, ‘George I don’t think people around here are talking like this here, but we’ll try on her, ‘”Clooney said, imitating his uncle’s right side. stroke. “And I’m like, ‘There we go.'”

George Clooney ‘s uncle rewrote the script of the Coen brothers

Although Clooney had mastered the accent, there was a small problem. For some reason, he would not say any of the cursed words in the script.

“The funniest part is, Joel and Ethan, as they write, you don’t prepare their material very much because it’s so well written. You won’t eat with it, right? ”Clooney said. “And I was making a scene and Joel comes over because I talk like, Delmar, ‘Delmar, where the heck are you, where are you?” And they came over and they said, ‘I got a question for you, man. Why do you say every word just as we wrote it, but hell or damn? ‘”

Unsurprisingly, Clooney realized that his uncle had changed the script when he recorded it.

“I was like, ‘What?’ Clooney said. ” You don’t say hell or damn. ‘ I leave, ‘Am I not? ‘They’re leaving,’ No. ‘And I went back, I listened to the tape, and when [Uncle Jack] saying, ‘I don’t think people talking like this around here, it meant they weren’t cursing. … He rewrote the Coen brothers, he got writing credit. ”

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