‘General Hospital’: Josh Swickard Followed 1 Important Love Advice He Got From His Dad Before Proposing to His Wife

General Hospital Star Josh Swickard is best known for his role as Detective Harrison Chase on the daytime soap opera. While Chase’s romances on display can never go right, Swickard has a different experience in real life.

Swickard has been married to his wife, actor Lorynn York, for a year and a half now. Before proposing, Swickard decided to follow the love advice his father had given him.

Josh Swickard on 'General Hospital'
Josh Swickard on ‘General Hospital’ Michael Yada / Walt Disney TV via Getty Images

How did Josh Swickard meet his wife Lorynn York?

Swickard and York met in 2017 on the set of the romance film Roped. They played the main characters of the film who fell in love with each other, and the two ended up falling in love with each other.

It was certainly an awful experience, but York showed up once Metro that she was not originally entitled to work with Swickard.

“The first time I met Josh was only two days before filming started because that wasn’t Colton’s first choice. [the male lead], ”York said. “The other guy didn’t know how to ride horses so they finished Josh, and I’m so thankful about that.”

Josh Swickard followed advice he received from his father before recommending

Swickard and York did not stop working together after Roped. The couple recently decided to star in a movie called Christmas December California, which were filmed through the pandemic. York also wrote and wrote the film.

“During quarantine, Lauren and our friend Ali Afshar [who also stars] this idea came up and Lauren just hit the ground running and crouching [a script] out in a week or two, ”Swickard said Soap Opera Summary. “I was a co-producer, but for the most part she was just running with it as we were shooting out this fun, fun Christmas movie. “

December California released on Netflix on December 14, 2020. It became a major movie on the streaming platform.

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