Gal Gadot Was Ready To Quit Acting Prior To Landing ‘Wonder Woman’ Role

Gal Gadot may be flying high as a Hollywood icon now that she’s a star in several Marvel movies, but the Wonder Woman 1984 the star came very close to quitting Hollywood for good.

The Israeli actress seemed to have grown so tired of the constant rejection she was getting that she was ready to throw in the towel and give up the acting. Fortunately, she came to the historic place of Wonder Woman and her life changed forever.

Gal Gadot grew tired of the rejection from Hollywood

Gal Gadot
Gal Gadot attends the Vanity Fair 2020 Oscar Party | Matt Winkelmeyer / VF20 / WireImage

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Gadot had been in the film industry for a while before she became skeptical of her career as an actress. She has had small roles in films such as 2009 Fast & wild, but she did not see the success she expected.

Before she came to trial for Wonder Woman, she was seriously considering skipping acting for good.

“This post, the rejection, ooh dude, is sad,” Gadot said in a new 2017 interview Jimmy Fallon. “I had so many of almost, and another camera test… and another job, and another job… and so I was, telling my husband,‘ I’m not sure how long I can , dragging my family to Los Angeles, doing this… “

No-one told Gal Gadot she had heard of the ‘Wonder Woman’ role

However, things changed for her after a routine trip to Los Angeles for a few more tests. While there, she received a phone call from director Zach Synder, who would not tell her what role she was hearing.

“The same time – we were in Los Angeles – I got a phone call from Zach Snyder, who wanted to hear me for this secret post,” Gadot said. “I was like, ‘Okay, I’ll do that.'”

With the hassle of hearing for a post without context, it ‘s even more challenging to do.

“You have lines, you get the lines, but you have no idea what the story is about, who the character is, nothing,” Gadot said.

She was ready to stop acting for good

After her trial, Gadot was even more uncertain about her future. When she returned home to Israel, she had to do a soul study.

“We settled, we did the test, I went back to Israel to shoot an Israeli film, and I didn’t know if I wanted to continue acting after that,” Gadot said.

She was recalled for camera tests and did not yet know what her role was

Gadot’s fortunes changed after her successor gave her a follow-up call about the role. Apparently, Synder liked her and wanted her to come back in for camera tests.

However, Gadot still had no idea what his role was.

“Anyway, I’m in Israel, I get a phone call, they tell me they want to do a camera test,” Gadot said. “I’m like, ‘Again? Test camera again? Another almost? ‘And then I’m like,’ Okay, whatever I’m testing? What’s the part? And then my rep goes, ‘Didn’t they tell you? ‘I’m like,’ No. ‘ So no one knows… ”

After passing the screen tests, Gadot finally got a call while sitting on a plane confirming that she got the job. She was so happy, she started screaming at the plane, frightening everyone.

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