Gal Gadot Sustained Some Serious Injuries While Filming ‘Wonder Woman’ Movies

Gal Gadot has been on a wild ride for several years, appearing popularly with DC Surprise woman franchise. Action movies are famous for their hardcore albums and grim physical applications, which Gadot experienced directly.

In fact, the Israeli actress suffered several serious injuries while filming both Surprise woman and Wonder Woman 1984. After dealing with a painful back hernia and neck and shoulder problems, Gadot has been through the chauntlet, at least.

Gal Gadot was seriously injured after finishing the first film ‘Wonder Woman’

Gal Gadot
Gal Gadot in an interview NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

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Gadot’s health problems began while she was filming Surprise woman. It was during this time that she suffered a severe back injury, she said Variety.

“Absolutely … Now I can talk about this for free,” Gadot said. “When we first appeared with the first one Surprise woman, I had just found Maya. She was eight weeks old, and I just – she was right after we finished firing Surprise woman and Justice League—At Maya, I had a big hernia on my back. ”

She did a whole press run with a back hernia

A true hero, Gadot did not let her back problems stop the show. She went on a full news tour, all the while fighting intense back pain that kept her from sitting down.

“So the six weeks of media we did, I couldn’t sit down,” Gadot said. “I could just lie down or stand up. So if you go back now, when you see my interviews I am always standing by. ”

Gal Gadot underwent spinal surgery instead of the premiere of ‘Wonder Woman’

Things got so bad that Gadot had to skip the Surprise woman premiere to have surgery on her hernia.

“And when the film first aired, on June 6, I think, I was in the OR, getting my back fixed, okay,” Gadot said.

She injured her neck and shoulder while filming ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

In Wonder Woman 1984, Gadot was injured by other, though not as serious, injuries.

“And then this guy, on this guy, I hurt my neck and my shoulder,” Gadot said. “It simply came to our notice then. It’s a physical role, as the physical is another character I have to play. But there is a lot of pressure on him. ”

Gal Gadot’s dance career prepared her for ‘Wonder Woman’ more than the military did

Many people think that Gadot’s previous military experience gives her an advantage when filming Surprise woman movies. However, she says her background as a dancer is helping more than her military training has ever received.

“It was not true,” said Gadot. “One would think, as a weapon, it feels like that, you know, what you would think it would be. But honestly, I think, more than anything, the fact that I was a dancer for the previous 12 years, that’s what helps me with all the hard work. Because it’s about learning the dances and the time and it’s about the movement. So I think that’s something that helped me a lot. ”

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