Gal Gadot Once Recalled ‘Almost Dying’ the First Time She Put the ‘Wonder Woman’ Costume On

Gal Gadot recently reiterated her role as Wonder Woman, starring in Marvel Wonder Woman 1984. The beautiful actress who was expected to be the beautiful actress is fighting a crime in the 1980s.

And while Gadot looks good on screen in her iconic outfit, it didn’t always fit her well. In fact, she remembers “almost dying” after trying it for the first time.

Gal Gadot was not a huge fan of Wonder Woman growing up

Gal Gadot attends the Vanity Fair 2020 Oscar Party | Toni Anne Barson / WireImage

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Even though she’s been a part of Wonder Woman for several years now, Gadot wasn’t always very knowledgeable about the character. Growing up in Isreal, she had little interest in comic books and was unfamiliar with the Wonder Woman story.

“Growing up I knew about Wonder Woman, but I didn’t know much about her,” Gadot said. “I didn’t like comic books at all.”

She said she didn’t like people for the job because her ‘boobs were too small’

When Gadot was cast for the role of Wonder Woman, he met with surprise and criticism from certain people. While there are a number of reasons why people may not like her for the role, she believes this is true because of her physical attributes.

“I had boobs too small,” Gadot said. “That’s a big problem.”

While Gadot would prefer people to focus on more important features, such as her ability to engage, she understands how the film industry works.

“They really paid attention to the important part,” Gadot said homosexually.

Wonder Woman’s clothes were so tight that she almost died

After successfully advancing the profession, Gadot was called in to try on the Wonder Woman costume. Although she was not so happy to be involved in the project, the costume itself caused her problems.

“A day after I was told I got the part they let me wear a Wonder Woman suit for the first time, and I almost died,” Gadot said. “Because it was very tight. Very tight, like, of course, very tight. But I didn’t say a word because I was so happy. ”

Even though she looked good on the surface, the production team eventually realized that the suit wasn’t right for her.

“But then I lost air and then they realized it was too tight,” Gadot said, laughing.

Gal Gadot begins acting after the Miss Universe beauty pageant

Although Gadot is a world-famous actress today, she did not expect to be a woman earlier in life. Initially, she was interested in becoming a lawyer but began to gain attention from casting directors after participating in a Miss Universe pass.

“I wasn’t an actor back then,” Gadot said. “The leader threw this over from England into Israel and was looking for the [James] Bond’s daughter. When the agent told me about that I was like, ‘No way I’m gonna audition, I’m studying law and international relations, and making way too clever and bold to be an actor . ‘”

Even though she wasn’t initially interested in acting, she realized what fun it could be after she went to a few auditions.

“I got feedback, and another call back, and another one, and through this process, I realized that ‘G-damn, acting is a lot more fun than going to law school.”

Gadot has clearly made the right decision with her career, as she is the lead actress at Marvel Wonder Woman 1984.

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