‘Full House’: Jodie Sweetin Once Said She Regretted Her First Kiss on the Show

From 1987 to 1995, Jodie Sweetin became famous as Stephanie Tanner ‘s middle child on ABC Full House.

Despite her success as a child actor, that time in Sweetin’s life was often a challenge for her, as she reflected in her 2009 memoir. unSweetined. She often felt like the “weird one out there” between Candace Cameron Bure, played by her older sister DJ Tanner, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, played by younger sister Michelle Tanner.

Jodie Sweetin, Bob Saget, Candace Cameron, John Stamos, Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen, and Dave Coulier
Jodie Sweetin, Bob Saget, Candace Cameron, John Stamos, Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen, and Dave Coulier | Walt Disney Photo / Television Archives

Sweetin went through a strange phase during ‘Full House’

Most preteens go through a weird level of “bad teeth and jaws,” as Sweetin put it in their reminder. But for Sweetin, that level was pretty public.

As she grew up, Sweetin was often plastered with self-awareness, especially since she knew many people saw her as Stephanie Tanner. Instead of saying something embarrassing about her friends at school, she said cringeworthy lines on national TV. Sweetin was often worried about how she might come across her peers.

In addition to feeling out of place among children her age, Sweetin would sometimes go through a bit of an identity crisis as the middle child on Full House. Bure played a full-fledged teenage character, with a boyfriend and on-screen dances, while the Olsen couple played the family baby. In contrast, Sweetin wasn’t quite sure where she had applied.

“I became very aware that I was just the middle child not the cute one or the oldest one,” Sweetin wrote. “I wasn’t quite sure who I was – either in character or in everyday life. The lines were often blurred. ”

Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen and Jodie Sweetin
Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen and Jodie Sweetin | Walt Disney Photo / Television Archives via Getty Images

The ‘Full House’ star said the time was ‘disgraceful’

Plus, Sweetin’s first kiss scene was the amazing nightmare: Her mother was ready and watching the whole thing.

Finally, Sweetin demanded that her mother leave the room during rehearsals as it was just “too embarrassing” to suffer. (The kiss itself was like “pecking [her] grandmother ”), Sweetin recalled.

However, the Full House there was no need for a star to bother him in the end. She got the hang of a kiss on the screen fast enough. “I came a long way in a short time,” she said. Stephanie went on kissing everyone from boys on opposing sports teams in one program to a stranger at the prestigious high youth party that Danny Tanner (Bob Saget) did to the middle girl to pull him home.

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