Frank Sinatra Sparked Marilyn Monroe’s Most Infamous Affair

In many ways, the friendship of Frank Sinatra and John F. Kennedy seemed destined. Sinatra belonged to a group called ‘The Rat Pack’ throughout the ’50s and early’ 60s. One of the group’s leading members, Peter Lawford, was married to Kennedy’s little sister. As a result, Sinatra and Kennedy would often find themselves in close corners and shared spaces, but it certainly didn’t seem like a problem.

The pair hit it and they seemed to be making a proper connection with each other. The relationship between the famous musician and politician was largely disturbing, and ultimately indirectly stimulated the relationship between Kennedy and the talented Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe laughs for a picture in the back of a car
Marilyn Monroe laughs in the back of a car | Getty Images

Frank Sinatra’s victory over John F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign

History101 saying when Kennedy announced he would run for presidency, it was clear that Sinatra preferred the idea. In fact, Sinatra even wrote and rewrote “High Hopes”, a whole song dedicated to supporting the politician.

Historically, the 1960 presidential election was very close. At the time, the country was seeing a lot of mob activity and crime. Many people have profited that Sinatra was able to use his connection with Sam Giancana, a famous Chicago mob moss, to help turn votes and to win over essential states like Illinois to secure the presidency. .

The famous controversy of Frank Sinatra and John F. Kennedy

As soon as Kennedy took office, things seemed to be going on between Sinatra Kennedy. For starters, many movers and their friends were disappointed with Kennedy and his agenda.

The level of mob-related convictions had skyrocketed in the short time Kennedy had begun leading the country. This put Sinatra in a slightly sticky position, but he was able to maintain his connections with his mob friends.

Sinatra’s social circle did not always go up and down, but Kennedy continued to be close friends with Sinatra. The two were planning a weekend together at Sinatra’s home in Palm Springs in March 1962, but the trip ended where they were destroyed at the last minute.

Kennedy’s brother is said to have been the one who convinced him that it would not look good for the President of the United States to live in Sinatra’s place. However, Sinatra was thrilled for the trip and made many accommodations for his home in anticipation of the trip.

Additional booths, upgraded telephone systems, and a helicopter arrival package were just a few of the updates that Sinatra has implemented. When he received the news that Kennedy would not be staying with him, Sinatra became angry and immediately cut ties with his old paw.

What is known about the relationship between John F. Kennedy & Marilyn Monroe?

Kennedy did not stay at Sinatra’s for that awful weekend in March, but was still heading out to the Palm Springs area. Instead, Kennedy stayed with Bing Crosby, a popular entertainment at the time. It was at Crosby’s home where he claimed his first relationship with Monroe, according to History101.

Kennedy and Monroe last met one famous time in May 1962 on Kennedy’s birthday where the famous singer performed her special performance of “Happy Birthday”. The relationship between Kennedy and Monroe may have been short and hard but the slick story certainly seemed to have a lasting effect. And it would not have happened without the connection to Frank Sinatra.

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