Frank Sinatra and John F. Kennedy Had One of the Most Powerful Friendships in History

The 50s were marked by several historic milestones – the escalating Cold War, the launch of Sputnik 1, and the invention of the polio vaccine. But it also marked the highest level of historical, dissimilarity between politician John F. Kennedy and musician Frank Sinatra.

The former was still a U.S. senator and had yet to be named as the 35th president of the United States, and the latter had begun to revive his musical career and the so-called Capitol years. sin. But the two formed a powerful friendship that would change the course of history forever.

Frank Sinatra and John F. Kennedy sitting at a table together
Frank Sinatra and John F. Kennedy having lunch together GAB / Redferns Archive

John F. Kennedy and Frank Sinatra became friends in the 1950s

It is not clear when Sinatra and Kennedy met, but perhaps this should be linked to their relationship through marriage.

In the 50s, Sinatra was a member of the Rat Pack, a group of entertainers that included the likes of Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., and Peter Lawford. According to the Library of President John F. Kennedy, Lawford married Patricia ‘s Canadian sister in the early 1950s.

Around this time, Sinatra released her film From Here in eternity, which helped re-publish his career. And Kennedy was just beginning his career in transport, first elected to the House of Representatives in the late 1940s and then running for – and winning – a chair in 1953.

According to a Tampa Bay newspaper clipping published by, by the late 50s news had surfaced that Kennedy was considering launching his bid to become president of the USA.

His strong presidential campaign required the approval of celebrities, and suddenly Kenney and Sinatra’s friendship was in the spotlight.

The powerful relationship between John F. Kennedy and Frank Sinatra was mutually beneficial notes that Frank Sinatra did a great job for John F. Kennedy’s campaign, even going so far as to host fundraising dinners for the politician, and lend a Kennedy to use his own private pier.

And People say the two saw their friendship as a key part of their success, saying that when Kennedy won the nomination of a presidential bid at the 1960 Democratic National Convention, Sinatra said “we on our way to the White House! ”The use of the word“ we ”clarifies their connection.

However, this powerful, historic relationship did not last long and began to fall apart shortly after Kennedy was elected president.

Town & Country states that there are many rumors as to why their relationship broke down, including an alleged relationship between Sinatra and one of the Canadian sisters. And shares that their relationship may have been remembered because of Sinatra’s connection to the Mob, which may have intimidated the FBI.

Whatever the reason, the two stars went their separate ways. But the friendship left an inevitable mark on American politics and American music forever.

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