Frank Ocean Explains That the Real ‘Boy With a Pipe’ in Hit Song, ‘Slide,’ Sold for $104.2 Million

Lively singer Frank Ocean will never be disappointed when it comes to releasing a magnetic masterpiece. In 2017, he appeared on the much-anticipated song from Calvin Harris, Sliding. The hit song was able to mix different elements, evoking a passion of warmth and electric lyrics. Ocean and Migos with the same song go against many cultural conventions. But the lyrics of the song and the musical voices show potential in pop music.

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‘Slide’ was the 2017 summer song

Sliding the airwaves hit the summer of 2017, and fans were enthralled by the unique piece. The analog of instrumentation and mastery combined in making the moving voices of the song. Ocean’s poem ‘Boy With a Pipe’ made the song famous and inevitable to listen to. The combination of words and playing with the art is at another level. Ocean on the Genius a website explaining the true meaning of the song’s secret words. Ocean’s lyrics of the song were able to sell for good value for money. The rest of the song, which clearly discusses sexual themes and living a nice life, is whimsically taken.

Which records did ‘Slide’ break?

“Slide” represents people from different backgrounds in culture. Migos and Ocean with the same song take a look at their views on sexual orientation. In the past, Migos had expressed the negative opinion about the gay community. However, they later apologized and said that they fully accept the gender aspects of today ‘s culture. In 2012, Ocean openly acknowledged his friendship with man. Clearly, Ocean is not defined by the predefined rules of culture or sexual orientation. His views are completely different from the normal society, leaving him unique and unique in many respects.

Harris doing collabo with both Ocean and Migos made a huge impact on the music industry. The hit song managed to break the records set by other famous musicians such as Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber. The catchy song got more fans and comments than “That’s What I Like” from funk revivalist Bruno Mars. Surprisingly, it was the song lyrics, a mix of the arts, and good musical work that made the song the best single song of 2017.

Ocean was able to impress his fans with his lyrical tone and charismatic character in the single single. The song was a success, just like his previous songs “Blonde” and “Endless.” Ocean will continue to awaken his fans even in his future songs.

The meaning of the lyric ‘Boy With a Pipe’

Ocean lyrics, which raised a lot of profit about what it meant, refers to a painting by Pablo Picasso painted in 1905. The painting, painted by Picasso at the age of 25, sold for $ 104.2 million in 2004 during the Sotheby’s rop. Picasso, an icon in the world of art, created the Garçon à la pipe painting; although it does not correspond to his signature style, it reflects some Cubist principles in the artwork.

Pictured is a young boy decorated with flowers and a pipe. The unique work created during the Rose reflects the violence and femininity of a Persian teenage boy. Currently, the painting is the fifth most expensive in the world to be sold at auction.

However, Sotheby ‘s did not announce the actual buyer of the painting at the 2004 auction, but the sale is still significant, and Sotheby’ s owners name it as one of the most memorable auctions.

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