Floyd Mayweather Responds to YouTuber Logan Paul’s Threat to Whoop Him

Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather has stepped into the ring a few times since retiring.

Although he had his last boxing match against Conor McGregor in 2017, he made a debut in Japan against kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in 2018. But rumors have been circulating since September that Mayweather would square vs. famous YouTuber Logan Paul.

Paul is the one who wants to make things real and hit the streets of the internet to talk smack about the undeveloped hero, and Mayweather fired back.

Floyd Mayweather Logan Paul
Floyd Mayweather Jr. | Tom Pennington / Getty Images; Logan Paul | Leon Bennett / Getty Images

Trash Logan Paul talks to Floyd Mayweather

Followed by paparazzi outside a West Hollywood restaurant, YouTube vlogger Paul addressed profiteering about a fight between himself and Mayweather. In fact, he stressed that he would be a winner if anything like this ever happened. The Hollywood Fix he captured his words on camera.

“If I caught Floyd in a real fight – a street fight – who defeated him. No question. MMA, octagon – whoop his a * s. No question, ”said Paul. “The only place I think Floyd is safe is, in fact, the boxing ring. But to be honest, I won’t take af * ck. I would fight Floyd anytime, anywhere, anywhere. ”

Paul went on to say that if he reached one punch on Mayweather he would “grab this f * cker in half.” He said he had height, weight and age of his own and said it would be easy for Pretty Boy to hit Floyd. Paul said Mayweather has everything to lose as long as he doesn’t.

Mayweather is not here for Logan Paul’s disagreement

Mayweather sometimes avoids lies from opponents, and sometimes he doesn’t. In this case, he waited a few days before answering but let Paul know where he stood.

Mayweather tweeted, “These YouTube girls prefer to find some Barbie dolls to play with because I’m not the one for the kids games. 3 years ago a UFC fighter said my name and I had to put a muzzle on that b * tch. @Loganpaul will get the same treatment before I go over to Japan again. “

As fans debated whether he should fight Paul in an MMA tournament, none other than Conor McGregor responded to his tweet with his two pennies. Instead, it was a meme.

Once Paul caught wind of Mayweather ‘s career, it’ s simple knot back and “50-1.” Some fans think that the back and forth means the two are ready to go to toe.

Mayweather has new plans for Tokyo

While concrete plans to stop Paul are still unclear, Mayweather’s views on Japan are unclear. In the tweet above he mentioned an upcoming bout in Tokyo.

according to DAZN, a recent press release about the Mega 21 MMA event reveals that the boxer plans to fight in another show match in February 2021. Mayweather posted a video on Instagram reveals that he and his team will be doing “something big” at the Tokyo Dome next year.

He extended the post by writing, “I want to thank my Japanese partners TRUST LINE and the people of Japan for supporting me in everything we do. I look forward to coming back in 2021 and doing even more. ”

Fans need to be updated to see if Mayweather vs Paul comes true.

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