Farrah Abraham Gets Called Out for Her Home; ‘That Kitchen Is Giving Me Anxiety’

Ever since Farrah Abraham was aired on the reality TV show, Mama deugaire, she was severely criticized. Living life in front of a camera naturally opens one up to narration. However, Abraham’s behavior would often lead to more criticism as well. Abraham was notorious for his bad attitude and treatment of others so he received a lot of negative feedback on social media.

Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham | Frazer Harrison / Getty Photos

When Abraham fired from Mama deugaire for being involved in the adult film industry, many people expected the criticism for Abraham to die out some. After all, she was no longer part of the reality TV show that made her a public image and millions of viewers have no chance to take a closer look at Abraham’s life and the way he was raised. i her daughter, Sophia.

Farrah Abraham still gets criticism even after being fired from ‘Teen Mom’

But despite no longer being a Teen Mom, Abraham continues to find ways to stay in the media. Whether she’s posting controversial posts on social media, glowing people at red carpet events, or calling her a post-harmony, the 29-year-old seems to live in hell in the public eye. Unfortunately, for Abraham, that means she and her daughter get little criticism for almost everything they say and do.

Abraham’s daughter recently posted a video to her Instagram page. In the video, she is almost baking cookies with her grandmother because of COVID-19. As the video progresses, Sophia is seen doing her best to follow along with her grandmother as her mother appears to be filming in the background. “DONE WITH GRANDMA ON PORTAL,” Sophia wrote the video. “Sooo trying to cook a holiday 👩‍🍳 with grandma… still not the same thing but doubling the 🍪 cookies haha ​​😂

A video posted by Abraham’s daughter is being examined

The video looked pretty harmless and some fans even praised the 11-year-old for her baking abilities. However, others were distracted from the food and rubbish that covered the kitchen counters. Almost every inch of account space seemed to be covered in snacks and fast Instagram users were criticizing Abraham for the way she seemed to keep her house.

“That kitchen bothers me, 😖” said one Instagram user. “Super cute. However, the clutter is a bit of a laugh. Clean that up a bit. I question what your home looks like. Ijs, ”another wrote to Abraham. “Why is there so much lump on the counter lol,” said another.

Critics do not comment on the condition of Abraham’s home

“That’s as sweet as you can all bake together. But ask where you even edit your cookies you don’t even have space on your counter, ”asked another Instagram user. “I don’t know how you can find anything in a house pot forever like a rolling pin. Looks like a bomb went in there! ”Someone else wrote to Abraham.

In fact, not everyone took offense to the Mama deugaire cidsin alum. In fact, some fans questioned why anyone would care about the way Abraham’s kitchen looked. “Great baking! It will take a lot of time and practice. I like how people comment on how difficult your kitchen is as if it affects them in some way, ”said another. Clearly, most agree that Abraham’s kitchen is full of people. But with her and her daughter never getting guests anytime soon, we can’t see why other people are so fond of him.

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