Fans Want a ‘Sandlerverse’ Movie That Unites Adam Sandler’s Films and He Says He’s Interested

A popular technique in filmmaking is to place different films within the same universe. Sometimes the stories connect, as in the Marmat Cinematic Universe, and other times they just happen in the same reality, as with director Quentin Tarantino’s films.

But putting multiple stories in the same universe is a surefire way to draw the audience in, as they try to figure out where the different plots are. come together. But could this same device work with him Adam Sandlerhow many movies are there? Some people think it could.

Suggestions of a divided universe

Adam Sandler and Jackie Sandler
Adam Sandler and Jackie Sandler Raonuna Luna / WireImage

In October, Netflix released an original film written, released, and featuring Sandler. Canar Hubie Halloween, was very well received by fans – and could not help but notice something. We got this covered I explained that Sandler ‘s new film had several references to other films in which he was involved, some dating as far back as the 90s.

One character entered Hubie Halloween played by Ben Stiller and named Hal L. Stiller also plays a character of the same name in Happy Gilmore. Julie Bowen plays Sandler’s love interest, Violet Valentine. She also played the part in which he was interested in love Happy Gilmore, Virginia Venit. Several of the female romantic directors in Sandler’s films have the initials VV.

These subtle nods in the new film to earlier films have made people wonder if it is possible that all Sandler films could share the same universe.

Is there a Sandlerverse?

At first glance, the idea may not look very similar. But according to Rant Screen, the evidence is there. When you comb through Sandler’s body of work, there are several characters that appear in different films, usually played by the same actor.

For example, there is the “you can do it” feature, which appears in random scenes to shout out that inspirational phrase. He has been in at least seven films, mostly played by Rob Schneider. Schneider played another repeating character, Nazo the delivery boy.

Nazo is first seen in Big daddy, then reappear shortly Mr. Deeds. Carl Weathers plays a character named Chubbs who appears in both Happy Gilmore and Little Nicky.

Not only does it seem possible to link the films in Sandlerverse, but Sandler himself is open to the idea, though not at all ready to jump into the project.

“I would like that,” he said. “I need to prepare my mind for that. So that may happen in another 35 years. We get that. ”

How would ‘Sandlerverse’ work?

Could a film combine Sandler’s many cinematic masterpieces? according to We got this covered, there’s a theory about that too, and it all comes back to the movie Funny people.

In this poignant comedy in 2009, Sandler plays George Simmons, an actor best known for his popular comedies but with harsh criticism. Some feel that George could be the unifying element in the Sandlerverse. A film based on George could incorporate all the other Sandler films as parts played by George along the way.

It is not uncommon as a way to connect movies. Quentin Tarantino also connects his films through films. The characters from one movie, like Investment dogs no Pulp Fiction, seen going to the theater to watch From Dusk Till Dawn no Bill killed.

This would seem to work to bring the different Sandler worlds together in one universe. Of course, he has a very loyal fan base who has enjoyed repeating characters over the years. It seems like they love a movie that binds it together.

While the Sandlerverse idea may look a bit wild, if anyone can make it work, Sandler can.

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