Fans Have Mixed Feelings About The Weeknd Performing at the Super Bowl

The NFL just announced next year’s Super Bowl player: The Weeknd. The R&B star will have a difficult task to follow after Jennifer Lopez and Shakira took to the stage earlier this year. And while some fans are thrilled to see the R&B singer take the stage, others are unconscious and would love to see someone else.

The Week
The Week Michael Kovac / FilmMagic

The Weeknd was not an expected choice

Back in February 2020, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez took the stage as a duet, where they each made some of the biggest hits. The energy of the show was definitely getting people on their feet, and many were thrilled to see two Latina women commanding the crowd. Soon after, it already was prophecies about who could lead the 2021 half-time show – and The Weeknd wasn’t on the list.

The suspects for 2021 offered a wide variety of their musical styles. Taylor Swift was reportedly a contestant, along with The Foo Fighters and Danish rock band Volbeat. Jimmy Buffett was also reported to be running, as his relevance has continued from older generations to younger ones. Flo Rida and Post Malone were also suspected.

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez
Shakira and Jennifer Lopez performed at the Halftime 2020 Super Bowl Show. Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Fans had mixed opinions about The Weeknd’s alleged performance

The Weeknd hit superstition after his song “The Hills” topped the Billboard charts back in 2015 and shortly afterwards “Can’t Feel My Face,” which made him famous. Since then, he has become one of the leaders in today’s R&B, and his fans met his Super Bowl news.

“Finally, a half-time show. These are nuts, ”wrote one NFL user Sanas Instagram. “The Weeknd will save the SB show at half time,” wrote another user. Another fan commented that the Weeknd is “relevant to our time and really fans,” saying that “someone good finally” is performing.

Despite praise for The Weeknd, there has been some criticism of the choice. “It’s good .. but a half-time Superbowl isn’t good,” said one. “Damn .. nobody wanted to do the show half time,” another user joked. “When will we get another rock band?” someone else was questioned.

The Weeknd made its own announcement in a series of three social media posts, picking up exciting hours before the official announcement was made. “Playing on the image stage. See you 02/07/21, ”read his caption. Fans took to his Instagram post to congratulate him, calling him a “king” and a “legend.”

People are already talking about potential guest stars

The Weeknd may have had mixed opinions, but that’s not surprising – not everyone shares the same taste in music, and it’s hard to please everyone. Nonetheless, there has already been speculation about who could bring the Weeknd out as a guest star. Account Board thinks he could bring in Kenny G and Doja Cat to “In Your Eyes. ”The music release also noted that The Weeknd may want to show some pride in its Canadian roots and invite Drake to join. (Justin Bieber may not be on the list, though.) Guest players don’t know until the event itself, so only extra profit will be made as the Super Bowl comes along. near.

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