Fans Call Out Kylie Jenner for Not Showing Her Teeth in a Toothbrush Ad

Kylie Jenner and her family members can never escape criticism. Everything they do is often scrutinized and talked about by both fans and non-fans.

Recently, Jenner’s toothbrush ads on social media are getting a lot of attention. However, people can’t help but point out how “weird” the ads are, especially when Jenner doesn’t even show her teeth in them.

Kylie Jenner smiling in front of a black background
Kylie Jenner | Photos by Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / Getty

Fans call Kylie Jenner’s new toothbrush hat ‘weird’

On Jan. 15, Jenner took to Instagram Stories to post a new ad for Burst Oral Care, a brand she’s been working with for some time now. The ad shows Jenner standing in front of a bathroom mirror with a caption inspiring a toothbrush from Burst Oral Care.

Instead of being intimidated, however, fans believe the ad doesn’t fit what should be in a toothbrush hat. A big part of it is that Jenner doesn’t show her teeth at all.

“We promise that all future toothbrush companies will be required to have a toothbrush required to reveal teeth,” Reddit user says. “This is honestly one of the joke ads KarJenner made just bc of this issue.”

Another writes that the company did not seem to have asked Jenner to show her teeth because it should be an obvious thing. The person says, “Maybe the company Lmao didn’t feel she had to specify that she needs to show her teeth because well .. are you showing your teeth an OFC toothbrush company? ! ”

However, someone else says Jenner posted a toothless ad for Burst Oral Care in December and received similar responses and fan attention, which may explain why she decided to do this again.

Fans also don’t understand why Kylie Jenner hides the toothbrush in one photo

Jenner is one of the leading influencers on social media. She earns a large sum of money just for posting a simple product ad on her social media accounts.

Jenner did not reveal how much she is doing for each ad, however iHeartRadio reported in 2019 that the number could average somewhere around $ 1,266,000.

Her mother, Kris Jenner, also said the amount could vary depending on the type of role a brand wants them to do. She said CBS Sunday Morning, “My daughters are always getting offers to post something for a company, or brand, on social media. So they – they have a fee for postage, or a fee for a story, a fee for Facebook, a fee for – you know – they have a tax schedule. ”

Either way, it is clear that Jenner and her family will be able to do a lot from social media alone.

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