‘Family Guy’ Creator Seth MacFarlane Got a Job as a Newspaper Cartoonist When He Was Just 9 Years Old

Seth MacFarlane has made millions of people laugh for over two decades with his great cartoon Family Guy, but its success goes back much further.

The talented writer started working as a newspaper cartoonist when he was just nine years old.

Seth MacFarlane became a newspaper cartoonist at the age of 9

Seth MacFarlane
Seth McFarlane attends the 57th ICG Annual Publisher Awards | Photos by Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty

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MacFarlane locked up the job after drawing in a cartoon he submitted. His work, with the title, was much admired by the press staff Walter Crouton, and hired him soon after. From the age of nine until he went to college, MacFarlane continued as a cartoonist for the local newspaper.

He explained how he got the job in a new interview with 2015 Howard Stern.

“It was a very small village,” said MacFarlane. “And I think there were only about 600 people in the city at that time. So it was … The town was so small that I was the only cartoonist in the town. ”

He grew up in a wooden hut in the small town of Connecticut

Growing up in the remote town of Kent, Connecticut, MacFarlane was raised in a wooden hut.

“A wooden cabin,” said MacFarlane. “My father built two houses when I was – and they were both – one was the wooden hut, and the other a wooden frame which he could not – he refused to build a house that was not built by the techniques that were used 300 years ago. “

His cartoon angered a local priest

Even though MacFarlane’s work was remarkable for someone in his old age, it was not well received. In a newspaper cartoon competition, he drew a man who showed a little boy asking for a fries at communion time. The local priest was not happy.

“I received an angry letter from the local priest, saying ‘I’m ashamed of you for insulting Almighty God and those who love him,'” MacFarlane said. “And below, he said, ‘Do you like me, look yes, no, or maybe. ‘”

By then, MacFarlane realized that his words were powerful enough to evoke ideas from people, good and bad. However, he vows that he will not go out of his way deliberately to disturb people with his humor.

“It was kind of scary, I think,” said MacFarlane. “The misconception I was trying to make is – believe it or not, I was not trying to put people off. My humor happens to be wild inside, I think. ”

Seth MacFarlane’s early success did not bring him widespread fame

Despite achieving such a great feat at just nine years old, MacFarlane ‘s life did not change much after he got the job. His classmates had the same respect for him as they had before.

“You know, no, it didn’t really affect many, I think it should, huh?” MacFarlane said. “I was still very natural.”

Personally, MacFarlane did not feel very well either. His confidence in himself did not receive much encouragement, despite doing an amazing job.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever done anything that gave me a lot of confidence,” said MacFarlane.

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