Everything Mike ‘The Situation’ and Lauren Sorrentino Keep in Their Fridge

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has been notorious for cheating – on his diet, ie Although many of his great diets have been recorded Jersey Coast: family vacation, some fans are wondering what “Big Daddy Sitch” eats while at home. Here’s what “Situation” and “Laurens” keep in their kitchen.

Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino
Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino | Polk / Getty rich images for MTV

‘The Situations’ likes to prepare food

During a frids walk with Our first party, Sorrentino gave fans an inside look at its refrigeration, freezer and pantry.

“We’re full of Gatorade lemons – I love Gatorades,” Sorrentino admitted. “I have it every day after I got up. My wife told me that they are very hard to find, these original materials are here, so keep in mind. ”

Pre-meal is another main staple in Sorrentino fridges.

“We love our prepared food,” Sorrentino said. “We watch what we eat, so these are foods prepared by Eat Clean Bro. ”

For the most part, Sorrentino says he tries to eat healthy six days a week. “I have that same fateful day, and I move fast 16 hours a day. ”

Of course, there is plenty of fake day stuff in the frids too. “I like my diet soda on a crazy day,” he said, holding a Diet Coke.

The “Situation” frids contain house staples such as mayonnaise, cheese drawer, fruit, vegetables, turkey bacon, spreaders, and plenty of Italians.

“Usually, if you go to any home and they’re Italian [they’ll have leftovers], ”An Jersey Coast: family vacation defined star. “[These] chicken cutlets are from the previous Sunday. Sunday food is very important in this house. Every week is usually a deceptive day where you have pasta, chicken cutlets, and all sorts of favorite lifestyles. ”

Freezer Mike and Lauren Sorrentino are full of deceptive day options

Sorrentino then moved to the freezer, where he uncovered the stash of ice cream. “We like ice cream,” he explained. “We have chocolate mint, we have Earl Gray tea – it looks like I hate all my favorite honey. ”

Other foods in Sorrentino’s freezer included Hebrew national hot dogs in a blanket, which said “The Situation” which was reserved for “a nice deceptive day.”

“After Jersey Coast Next, we’ll throw in vanilla bean curd ‘milk ice cream’ sandwiches, ‘”said Sorrentino. “And then there are all kinds of meats that we cook on Sundays. ”

In the pantry of the Sorrentino are the fertile stores of ‘Laurens’

The Sorrentinos are expecting a young boy in May 2021. So the pantry is full of everything Ms. could have.

“My wife has a huge craving for sweets right now,” Sorrentino said. “Our pantry is full of all kinds of chocolates, all kinds of Nerd and Sweet Tart.”

The pantry also has a “water wall”.

“Of course my wife has a water quota that she hits every day now that she’s pregnant,” said Big Daddy Sitch. “Lauren has also enjoyed a lot of corn while pregnant. “We have the Cheerios here, Mini-Wheats, and of course we have Funfetti Hats.”

Sorrentino also showcased its Brotrition brand of Funfetti protein. “It’s important to get good-tasting protein because you get it every day,” he explained. There are plenty of snacks in the pantry too, and Sorrentino reiterated that it was important in terms of diet – just one fake day a week.

“I mostly come in here with a bowl and a filling [it] up with all my snacks, I posted my movie [or] series on it, and I’m really relaxing and resting for the night with the wife, ”he said of his deceptive day habits.

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