Eva Longoria Gets Kerry Washington’s Support After Twitter Dragged Her Over Election Comments

Twitter can be a really tough place and for Eva Longoria, it’s been challenging for the past two days. Longoria caught fire after appearing on MSNBC and commenting on the 2020 Presidential Election. Emergency housewives alum expressed her feelings that Latinx women are the true heroes in helping to ensure Biden / Harris influence. Unfortunately, many felt that her comments undermined all the work that Black women did to make an impact.

Kerry Washington defends Eva Longoria on Twitter
Kerry Washington and Eva Longoria Christopher Polk / Getty Images for JumpLine

It’s no secret that black people had a big hand, but especially Black women in helping President Joe Biden to win. They turned out in droves in big cities helping major swing states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, and bluebells. Stacey Abrams, in particular, was nominated for the essential work she did in Georgia. Helping to register thousands of voters, her efforts at the final stage helped turn the state blue. While Longoria briefly acknowledged the work of black women in Georgia, she said Latinx women were the true heroes.

Eva Longoria gets back-up after calling on Latinx women true election heroes

“The colorful women appeared in big ways,” Longoria said in an interview with MSNBC. “Of course, you saw in Georgia what black women did but Latina women were the real heroes here… attacking men who were voting in all states and voting for Biden / Harris averaged close to 3 to 1 which was not surprising. us. ”

Naturally, many people on Twitter were deeply offended by Longoria’s comments. Some accused her of destroying all the work that Black women did to help win for Biden. Others felt that her views contributed to the abolition of Blackness within the Latinx community. Longoria received little backlash on Twitter from people using polling data to refute her claims of claiming irrelevant since then. Emergency housewives.

The alum ‘Desperate Housewives’ clarifies its statements on Twitter

Seeing the neglect of her comments, Longoria took to her Twitter page to issue a statement. “I am so saddened and saddened to have heard that my views on MSNBC may be seen as a credit to Black women,” the actor said. “When I said Latinas were heroines in this election, I just meant that they turned out in greater numbers and voted more positive than LATINO MEN.”

“My vocabulary was not clear and I regret that,” Longoria continued. “There is such a history in our community as against Blackness in our community and I would never want to add to that, so let me be very clear: Black women have been a bone -back of the Democratic Party for a long time, something we have seen played out in this election in addition to the previous ones. Finally, black women no longer have to do it on their own. Latinas (many known as Afro-Latina), indigenous women, AAPI women and other colored women stand with them so we can grow our common voice and power. Together, we are unsustainable! There is nothing but love and support for Black women everywhere! You deserve a steady stand !!!! ”

Kerry Washington runs to the Longoria defense

While many people on Twitter were unwilling to forgive Longoria, believing the damage had already been done, some people chose to throw their support behind her. One such person was a co-star, Kerry Washington. “I know Eva as a sister,” he said Small fires everywhere wrote a star on her Twitter, echoing Longoria’s response to the backlash. “We’ve been to many trenches together. She is a liar to all women. Read below. This is what she meant. This is how she really feels. ”

But even Olivia Pope’s support hadn’t been enough to back up Longoria on Twitter. Some people ask why the Emergency housewives alum felt the need to mention black women at all in her interview. Some questioned whether Longoria would ever jump to the Washington defense if she ever found herself in a similar situation. Others said Longoria did not mention the strong presence of Native voters who helped win for Biden. While we think the backlash for Longoria will blow over in time, for now, it looks like she will have to take the L on this one.

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