‘Emily in Paris’: Lily Collins Shares Her Favorite Look From the Show

The fashion used in the Netflix series Emily in Paris has sparked many conversations among fans. In spite, Emily in ParisThe favorite scene is by a female protagonist, Lily Collins. Find out what outfit Collins liked with the most played Emily Cooper.

Lily Collins
Lily Collins | Dominique Charriau / WireImage

Fashion plays a big part in ‘Emily in Paris’

Emily in Paris it may not have been a series about fashion, but the wardrobe was at the very beginning of the series. Collins plays Emily Cooper, a young woman who renewed her life in the United States to take up her dream career at a marketing company in Paris.

As a spy in her work and in her new home, Emily relies heavily on her style as a comforter. Emily’s personal fashion choices may feel out of place in the luxe city of Paris, but for Emily, her outfit is a tool for success. Once she feels down or alone, Emily sculpts an Instagram photo of her #OOTD.

Ironically, this practice builds following Emily on social media, which becomes a subplot. What’s even more urgent is that Parisiennes didn’t care about Emily’s style.

‘Emily in Paris’ got a lot of backing for Emily Cooper’s fashion

For many French audiences, Emily’s clothing choices were a distraction.

“Emily is simply not my style,” said Stéphanie Delpon, cofounder of Parisian creative group Pictoresq Vogue. “It’s not the things she wears per se that I don’t like. It’s the collection – the pink foulard, the pink and violet hats, the curly hair, featuring patterns and layers of flashy colors. ”

Mathilde Carton, editor-in-chief of French Grazia, he said: “From a fashion standpoint, [Emily’s outfits] they are too bright, too bright, too cartoonish, and not flexible enough to be worn during the day. ”

Despite the backlash Emily in Paris received for his fashion, Collins ’favorite scene is still from the show.

Lily Collins’ favorite ‘Emily in Paris’ looked like Audrey Hepburn

During the Netflix series, Collins had to offer a number of outside scenes. But her favorite thing was what Emily spent on ballet in episode 6, “Ringarde.”

Lily Collins as Emily Cooper in 'Emily in Paris'

“For me, it was one of my favorite things to watch in the opera house,” Collins explained at the time. NY Paleyfest Panel 2020. “It was a good memory for me. Wearing that outfit that looked like Audrey Hepburn with the headband. ”

Collins liked to feel like she was actually attending an opera show in her classical scene. In fact, shooting that whole series “felt like a dream” for Collins.

“Closing the opera house down and burning it all night, and running upstairs and just the way it was, basically going wild in the opera house felt like a complete dream, ”she said.

Lily Collins’ favorite accessory is also from ‘Emily in Paris’

As many Parisiennes have said, Emily’s biggest fashion faux pas promises too many amenities. Ironically, Collins had a great appreciation for many of the resources her character used throughout Emily in Paris.

“Something in particular meant a lot to me [is Emily’s] a phone case that looks like an old camera, ”said Collins. She and costume designer Patricia Field resembled Emily’s unusual phone case to the image of Carrie Bradshaw Feis and the City tutu.

For Collins, the phone case was more of a reason than an accessory. It marked who Emily was as a professional. “I was like, oh my god, because she really takes her job and she loves photography,” Collins explained. “But [Emily is] also very modern and, young, and fun, and like social media is its thing. ”

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