‘Emily in Paris’: Lily Collins Never Wanted This To Happen With the Show

Emily in Paris he may have received a lot of backing for the fashion and culture on display in the series. But there’s one thing viewers can’t say that’s true about Netflix’s show when comparing it. Feis and the City. And that’s all thanks to Lily Collins.

Lily Collins and Lucas Bravo in 'Emily In Paris' |  Stephanie Branchu / Netflix
Lily Collins and Lucas Bravo in ‘Emily In Paris’ | Stephanie Branchu / Netflix

‘Emily in Paris’ is similar to ‘Sex and the City’

Emily in Paris coming from Feis and the City creator Darren Star. The Netflix series follows Emily Cooper, a directed marketing officer who finds her dream career and is taken away from her life and embraces Paris with open arms. While Emily’s career move isn’t the easiest, she’s still true to herself and unknowingly influences social media along the way.

Awarding stars Feis and the City background, many fans expected Emily in Paris being almost like a millennial retreat. However, it was important for Collins to differentiate Emily from the famous image of Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker).

Lily Collins was thrilled to be working with Darren Star

As a fan of Star’s work, Collins couldn’t wait to get started Emily in Paris.

“To me, [Emily in Paris was about] the magic that Darren shows him [the] screen, ”Collins said at a NY Paleyfest Panel 2020. Featuring Emily Cooper gave Collins the opportunity to fulfill her ambitions as an actress.

“I grew to watch what Darren was [has] to create, ”she said. “[Emily in Paris] it was new [idea]. ”Working with Star, Collins had one goal when he played Emily Cooper.

Lily Collins never wants Emily Cooper to be compared to Carrie Bradshaw

While Emily and Carrie are certainly similar, the fact of the matter is that they are different.

“We don’t want Emily to be Carrie’s next because Carrie is Carrie,” Collins told the panel. “We want Emily to be like Emily. [And] we want her to be her own husband. ”

Ironically, Collins played the role of Emily as a huge fan Feis and the City. “I feel like Emily is someone, like me, who grew up watching Feis and the City, ”She explained. “[Emily] I watched my favorite shows and movies. She reads the fashion magazines we read. And she’s so inspiring with these characters in her life that she has posters on the wall. ”

Lily Collins as Emily Cooper in 'Emily in Paris'
Lily Collins | CAROLE BETHUEL / NETFLIX © 2020

Collins brought her own connections to Feis and the City to create the character Emily Cooper. “That’s something I feel is so flexible in Emily, because Carrie Bradshaw was probably one of those people she loved growing up with,” Collins concluded. “That element of what Carrie would do? But at the same time, it doesn’t matter who we see Emily with. Emily is great, Emily. I never wanted her to be the second version of someone. ”

Lily Collins likes that Emily Cooper is not a cliché role

Collins felt blessed to participate that was not a cliché. “[Emily] this transformation is not cliché when she goes to Paris, ”she explained. “It’s not like you have this scene where she’s going from Emily to this new Parisian version until she’s adopted. ”

Instead, Emily remains true to herself. “She lives who she is, and goes through these new experiences, and grows as a young woman. And she’s in on the joke a lot of the time. ”

For Collins, the most important thing about her character is that she has a deep understanding that you don’t have to change who you want to accept.

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