Elvis Presley’s Girlfriend Told Him He ‘Should Have Married a Southern Girl’ After Divorcing Priscilla Presley – And She Claims He Agreed

Elvis Presley divorced Priscilla Presley after just six years of marriage in 1973. King of Rock and Roll never wanted to stay single long, however.

Presley met lyricist Linda Thompson (mother of Brandon and Brody Jenner, who also married Caitlyn Jenner and producer David Foster) in late 1972. Sparks immediately flew away, and the pair remained virtually inseparable for nearly five years. They even spent much of that time living together at Graceland as Presley’s health began to decline.

In her 2016 memoir, A little life called life, Thompson reconsidered her strong relationship with the King. She said Presley sometimes compared him to his ex-wife, Priscilla – even agreeing with the joke that he should marry a “Southern girl” instead.

Linda Thompson in 1977
Linda Thompson in 1977 | Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Presley and Thompson met when he was separated from Priscilla

Thompson was recently crowned Miss Tennessee when she met Presley at a private film screening at the Memphian Theater in 1972. In her memoir, she said he appeared to be “controlled by her” from the very beginning. Immediately the pair began mocking and pushing together, and she couldn’t get enough.

However, as Presley began dating more openly with Thompson – telling her he “wanted to get to know her better” – she became cautious. In fact, she thought he was still married to Priscilla, with whom he had tied the knot in 1967.

“While Elvis was trying to be more friendly and friendly with me, I was very opposed,” she wrote on that terrible night, “pulling back from him as much as I could. while sitting. ”

Feeling Thompson’s discomfort, Presley finally told the young beauty queen “he was no longer married.” In fact, by then, he had been officially separated for several months.

Elvis and Priscilla Presley
Elvis and Priscilla Presley Keystone / Getty Images

She said she and Presley spoke a shared language on their own

According to Thompson, Presley would often be reminded of what she said early on that he should be with the Southern belt throughout.

” You were one hundred percent right, ‘ [Presley] always saying, ”Thompson wrote A little life called life. “’It’s like you and I knew each other before we knew each other, because you grew up like I did. I know you. I know your spirit. I know how you think and how you feel. ‘”

Shortly after that first exchange, Thompson and Presley shared their first kiss – which she described as “amazing.” And their first night together, when they realized just how real they were, played an important part in the rest of their upcoming nights.

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