Elvis Presley’s Fiancée Never Saw Him Eat a Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich

Throughout his life, fans have been fascinated by Elvis Presley. One of the things the famous singer loved was his love of fried coconut butter and banana sandwiches. The famous sandwiches have become staples at restaurants thanks to Presley.

Ginger Alden was associated with Presley until his death in August 1977. Despite being said to be one of his favorite foods, Alden once said she had never seen Presley eat nut butter. land and a banana sandwich in the months they were together.

Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley | Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

Elvis Presley was reportedly fond of peanut butter and banana sandwiches

In 2002, CNN reported on Presley’s favorite restaurants and restaurants in his Memphis town, Tenn. At the Memphis Elvis Presley Restaurant on Beale Street, fans could order the famous peanut butter and banana sandwich.

“Everyone knows that about Elvis,” Jennifer Dorman, sales manager at Memphis Elvis Presley Restaurant, told CNN. “He is famous for [the sandwich]. You have to try it. ”

According to CNN, Presley also enjoyed eating “barbecue sandwiches, barbecue pizzas, potato mash, peas, apple pie and meatloaf – the last one he would eat for weeks, even months, in a row.”

“I didn’t want to waste time with my son,” she told Smashing Interview Magazine. “I wasn’t interested in making a book, but with so much hearing, elaboration and the facts going around out there, it was difficult, but like I said, I was waiting, and I raised my son. ”

With so many rumors about Presley’s lifestyle, health and death, Alden wanted to play his part and remind fans that Presley was originally a man.

“It would mean a lot if one could walk away after reading and saying, ‘Wow! Elvis was human, ‘”she said. “We all are. He had good days and bad days, but above all, he was looking forward to many things. I tried to write about his generosity and how he cared so much for so many people. ”

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