Elvis Presley’s Fiancée, Ginger Alden, Said Presley’s Staff Would ‘Roll Their Eyes’ When She Made Requests

While everyone is familiar with the saw between Priscilla and Elvis Presley, it was Ginger Alden who discovered the King when he died. Alden and Presley were involved before his death, and she has spoken and written extensively about her relationship.

In an old interview, Alden talked about Presley’s staff and their feelings about working for the rock star. And she noted that staff would also “roll their eyes” when she had requests.

Elvis Presley employees seemed to have different opinions about Ginger Alden

Elvis Presley and Ginger Alden
Elvis Presley and Ginger Alden Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

Alden had been one of Presley ‘s romantic interests over the years, and they had plans to get married. Unfortunately, Presley died before he could tie the knot with Alden. And since then, Alden has spoken out about her relationship with Presley and her time around Graceland and her staff.

While some liked Alden, it seems that many others were skeptical about the couple’s relationship. Australian Elvis noting that Alden and her sister, Rosemary, talked about one particular employee who discovered him for Alden ‘s death after Elvis.

“A jealous Elvis employee ‘started this whole and malicious story after he was fired by Vernon Presley for being suspected of taking pictures, selling them to tabloids and even stealing some the Elvis items for sale, ”Rosemary said during the interview. “This person definitely lost his food ticket when Elvis died. He has been so jealous and so bad for bad feelings about Ginger and our family because Elvis expected him to be one of the next ones to go. ”

Rosemary then said that Presley did not “trust” the individual, either as “he made inappropriate moves toward Ginger.”

Alden said some Presley employees would be ‘rolling their eyes’ at her requests

Ginger Alden
Ginger Alden | Anwar Hussein / Getty Images

interview in 1980 along with Alden, she talked about some of Presley ‘s problems with his staff.

“My personal feelings, I think there were a lot of people around Elvis who should never have been around,” Alden said. “I don’t think they enjoyed working for Elvis, because when they were asked to do things – I know, I asked them to do things – they would roll their eyes , like, ‘Oh gee, I have to do this again. ‘”

Alden continued the interview and explained that many of the people around Presley “kept him away from the truth,” because they were “afraid not to tell him.” This made Presley “lose touch” with his surroundings.

Alden also said Presley tried to avoid others as much as possible

While Presley seemed to enjoy walks, he enjoyed staying as refreshed as possible while at home in Graceland. Alden once spoke of how Presley would not want to leave his bedroom unless he had to, because he never knew who he would meet below.

“When I visited Graceland, we actually stayed upstairs for the most part,” Alden said in an interview. “I say there seemed to be activity going downstairs. He would often ask me who was downstairs, who was usually a date employee or friends and would say he didn’t want to go down then. ”

Priscilla has also talked about her husband’s private lifestyles. According to her, she knows Presley would never have social media if he were alive today, because that would put his life on display far more than he ever wanted.

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