Elvis Presley’s Ex-Girlfriend Confirmed 1 Strange Aspect About His Feet

Those who know with Elvis Presley knowledge of women in the past. His relationship with Priscilla Presley is the most famous, but he also had a long romance with Linda Thompson. Thompson eventually left Elvis for a different lifestyle, but she has certainly revealed mysteries as to what it was like to be the back of a rock ‘n’ roll king.

Thompson also seems to have known a little about Elvis’ feet. Here is what she said about her toe nets.

Linda Thompson was dated by Elvis Presley for years before Thompson left

Elvis Presley with his girlfriend Linda Thompson arrives at the Hilton Hotel
Elvis Presley with his girlfriend Linda Thompson arriving at the Hilton Hotel | Wargacki / WireImage

Thomson was 15 years younger than Elvis when they made a date in the early ’70s – but after meeting her at one of his private film screenings, the rest was in history. Express.co.uk notes that they set a date for four years just before he met and started dating Ginger Alden.

While Thompson certainly respected Elvis, he told her about his suicidal side. And she saw that through her romance. When Elvis told her he had suicidal movements, she noticed that was going to happen to her. “He recognized it but it had already started to spin down and I don’t think it would stop him,” she said while speaking at the Las Vegas Elvis Festival.

“As soon as I realized that Elvis was taking sleep medication and sometimes some other things that might interact with that, I was like I had a newborn baby,” she said. “I wouldn’t sleep. I wanted to find out if it was okay. Eventually, the burden would be too heavy for Thompson, so she left.

Thomson said Elvis had toes on the net

(LR) Former Elvis Presley girlfriend Linda Thompson talks to photographer Ron Galella
(LR) Elvis Presley ‘s ex – boyfriend Linda Thompson talks to photographer Ron Galella | Julian Wasser / LIFE Image Collection via Getty Images / Getty Images

Not only has Thompson shared personal details about Elvis’ personality, but she also knows many of his mysteries. And apparently he was never open about having net toes.

“There’s a lot about Elvis that people don’t know. Most of it is very, very good, ”she said in an interview in 2020, Express.co.uk fa-near. “He was an amazing man, very generous – generous with faults.” As well as her generosity, she also spilled about his strange feet.

“He had two toes, which meant he had a second toe from the big toe and a third toe attached to what would be a worm,” she said. “And I used to make fun of him for lifting his toes! So he had twin toes. That’s something most people don’t know. ”

As for other mysteries, Thompson shared that Elvis’ real hair color was blond. “He was a natural, dirty hair,” she said. “He died of black hair for drama.”

Elvis was famous for his signature hair – and he also made Priscilla Presley colors

Elvis and Priscilla Presley on their wedding day
Elvis and Priscilla Presley on their wedding day Hulton Archive / Getty Images

No other woman in Elvis ’life has spilled around his feet. But his hair was often talked about. While everyone knew Elvis for his jet-black hair, his wife, Priscilla, was also famous for her lush dark locks. Elvis apparently had a direct influence on the color of her hair, as he asked her to dye her hair to a darker tone.

“He wanted me to dye my hair black when I was young so we could look a little alike,” she said in an interview, according to an interview. Rural Rebel.

While Priscilla and Elvis are finally divorcing, she had something like Thompson – and that despite Elvis’ flaws, she still had a ton of love for him.

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