Elvis Presley’s Ex-Girlfriend Claimed He Thought Affairs Were Different for Men – ‘I Was Deeply Hurt By His Need to Be With Other Women’

After Elvis Presley split his six-year-old wife Priscilla Presley in 1973, he began a four-year relationship with Linda Thompson.

Thomson was a lyricist and pageant queen who married both Caitlyn Jenner and David Foster later in life. She also became one of Presley’s favorite love girls, spending nearly five years with him at Graceland.

In her 2016 memoir, A little life called life, Thomson considered Presley ‘s views on monogamy. His interest in other women during their relationship was a source of conflict and pain for her.

Elvis Presley and Linda Thompson
Elvis Presley and Linda Thompson Tom Wargacki / WireImage

Presley admitted to Thompson that he was sometimes with other women

Presley and Thompson shared an intense romance after meeting at a private film screening in Memphis in 1972. King of Rock and Roll recently separated from Priscilla, his six-year-old wife, and made no bones about it. that it was romantic. interest in Thompson.

Thompson fell hard for Presley. She was over heels almost from the start. But they were very different in terms of their levels of knowledge. While Presley had countless daughters and a failed marriage under his belt, Thompson – who was ten years younger than his girlfriend – was still a virgin.

At times the difference in their romantic history, and their approach to their love life, led to conflict.

According to Thompson, Presley was not shy about admitting he had dalliances with other women, even if she was the one he claimed to be fond of. Just 18 months from their relationship, she said he told her he had never been so loyal to one woman for so long. However, Presley told his younger girlfriend that he was “his best daughter” and that it was “a disappointment to be with other people. ”

Elvis Presley in 1977
Elvis Presley in 1977 | Bettmann through Getty Images

Thompson often quarreled about living with Presley or not

Although Thompson did not just agree with Presley’s theories of romance and loyalty, she explained that she was “naive and blind with love.” Because of her deep love for Presley, she tried to focus more on what he told her than what he actually did – who, in part, wanted to go out with other women.

“Ultimately, however, none of his words could have ensured that I was deeply hurt by his need to be with other women,” Thompson admitted. A little life called life.

She said that while Presley kept details of his dalliances away from her, she came to the conclusion that he would never be truly monogamous or loyal. Eventually, she realized that “his deceit would be permanent” if they stayed together. After all, she reasoned, Presley was impatient with Priscilla – so clearly marriage didn’t stop her either.

“That’s just who he was,” Thompson said. “Yes, it’s wrong, it’s black, it’s white, and then there’s Elvis Presley.”

As Thompson and Presley ‘s relationship became increasingly turbulent through 1974, she began to consider breaking up with him. As much as she loved it, she wasn’t sure she could keep up with material use or disloyalty. Still, the couple ‘s adventure lasted until the end of 1976, just eight months before Presley’ s death in 1977.

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