Elvis Presley Once Hired a Hitman To Murder Priscilla Presley’s New Lover, Mike Stone

Elvis Presley once hired a hitter to murder Priscilla Presley’s new girlfriend. Priscilla and Elvis were together for 13 years, and met when she was only 14 years old. Their relationship was filled with obstacles, to the point where Priscilla decided to leave at the age of 27.

But before their relationship ended, Priscilla had a relationship with their karate instructor, Mike Stone. When Elvis found out about the situation, he ordered a fan to kill Priscilla’s new girlfriend.

Elvis Presley during national military service duty 1958-1960
Elvis Presley during national military service duty 1958-1960 | Apic / Getty Pictures

King of Rock and Roll was very strict about Priscilla Presley’s loyalty

In Priscilla’s memory with the title Elvis and Me, she talks about how often Elvis would cheat on her with other women. She would often find notes from her boyfriends stomping around their house. At the same time, pillars of trickery continued to report on many of the King’s dealings.

“I got as much news about Elvis as I could,” she writes. “I was always listening to the radio abroad and scanning every article in The Stars and strips newspaper. But every story about Elvis that I read bothered me more and more. He seemed romantically linked to many beautiful young Hollywood stars- Tuesday Weld, Juliet Prowse, and Anne Helm, among others. ”

Priscilla was outraged about constantly cheating, but nonetheless, she was never allowed to be impatient with Elvis. He was very strict about “belonging to her,” and if she wanted to be a great woman, she had to remain faithful.

“A night when he was calm and peaceful, he would describe his right wife and how perfectly I fit into this image,” she writes. “He likes soft-spoken brunettes with blue eyes. He wanted to shape my ideas and preferences. Despite his reputation for being a rebel, he had a traditional view of relationships. A woman had a place, and she was the one who did the campaign. ”

“Loyalty was very important to him,” she continues, “especially on the woman’s side. It always reminded me that his daughter had to be completely resilient. However, I was afraid that Elvis was not always loyal to me. ”

Elvis Presley hired a fan to kill Priscilla Presley’s girlfriend Mike Stone

Years since their marriage, Priscilla had a relationship with her martial arts instructor, Mike Stone. In her memoir, Priscilla describes her karate lessons as an eye-opener as they taught her how to be more free and independent outside of her relationship with the King.

“Transformation had begun,” she writes about her experience. “Along with this newfound confidence came my deceptive eyes and bold attire, jewels and flashy clothes. All the tools I used to rely on for security are now stripped. ”

And with her newfound confidence, she decided to have a relationship with her tutor. As soon as Elvis found out about this, he wanted to kill Stone.
He said he told his entourage (via Express): “I’m in too much pain… Stone [must] death. ”

Priscilla confirmed Elvis Presley’s plan to assassinate Mike Stone

In interview with Barbara Walters, Priscilla confirmed Elvis’ plans to kill his new girlfriend.

“At the time, he wanted that to happen,” she told Walters. “It was talking, anger, speaking out of emotion. ”

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