Elvis Presley Once Had a Huge Crush on Another Woman While Married To Priscilla Presley

There is no denying that Elvis Presley’s women of all ages woke up over him throughout his career. However, there is one woman who did not suffer from his charming charm, and the King of Rock and Roll is someone who put a lot of pressure on him while he was still married to his wife, Priscilla Presley.

Elvis and Pricilla Presley
Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley Getty Images

Elvis Presley married Priscilla Presley in 1967

According to most Elvis biographies, the singer met Priscilla Beaulieu at a party in 1959 when he was already famous and based in Germany as part of his military service.

The singer was 24 at the time while Beaulieu was only 14, and that caused the scandal.

Initially, her parents did not accept their daughter’s relationship and stopped her from seeing the rock and roll star. However, Presley made sure that he was allowed to “court” Beaulieu, and the two began spending much time together until he left Germany in March 1960.

Presley and Beaulieu maintained contact over the next two years, and in 1962, her parents agreed to allow her to visit him in Los Angeles for a week. In 1963, the Beaulieus allowed Priscilla to move to Memphis to be with the full-time singer, while he intended to marry her.

Finally, in 1966, Presley praised Priscilla, and they tied the knot on May 1, 1967. The following year, they welcomed their first and only child, Lisa Marie Presley.

While working on a 1969 film, Habitat Change, Elvis improved pressure on his co-star

Although Presley did his best to bring Priscilla into his perfect woman, he still had an eye while he was on the road working.

One woman, in particular, caught the singer’s attention in 1969 on the set of his film, Habitat Change. While playing a doctor in the crime drama film, Elvis developed pressure on his co-star, Mary Tyler Moore, who portrayed nuns in the film.

According to Tyler Moore, Presley was instantly enthralled by her and had made his feelings known to her the first time they met.

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“He admitted right from the start that he had beaten me ever since Dick Van Dyke Show, ”Tyler Moore explained the 1995 autobiography, after all. “He was so shy about it that he literally kicked the dirt under him as he spoke. Even though I was younger, I tended to call ‘ma’am’ out of respect: ‘Tha ma’am. Be right there, ma’am. ‘”

Although Presley was taken along with Tyler Moore, there was no romance behind the scenes between them as the two were married at the time.

It is also alleged that they maintained a very professional relationship as Tyler Moore was not the most outspoken and hardly gave his constellations, especially Presley, the time of day when the cameras were not on.

“I didn’t talk to her much because she was really so unstable.” said Barbara McNair, who starred Habitat Change with Presley and Tyler Moore. “It wasn’t easy for her to get acquainted. At lunchtime, the pool carriage would arrive and everyone would eat together. She never ate with us. She ate in her own dressing room … She wasn’t really communicating so I never got to know her. ”

Mary Tyler Moore never fell for the charm of Elvis Presley

Although she was not the most social man on the set, Tyler Moore was still getting along well with everyone she worked with. She even got along well with Presley, who had the acting abilities she recommended in an article in December 1969 in Iris Coronet.

Elvis Presley and Mary Tyler Moore
Elvis Presley and Mary Tyler Moore William A. Graham / CURRENT CHANGE OF THE USA 1969

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“It’s not just that he always knew his lines; that’s true of any true pro. This is the way he examines the character, ”said the actor. “And it’s a lot more fun than I thought. I think he would be a great comedian … I’ve never worked with a more noble, kind man. ”

In her own story, written 26 years later, the actress further praised the singer’s work philosophy, writing, “The experience of working with Elvis was very nice. He was in the shape of a peak during that time, careful about what he ate and exercised as if he enjoyed it. He was a perfect professional: always prepared. ”

But despite following his acting chops, Tyler Moore never suffered from the singer ‘s charm, as she has admitted in her own history.

“I was his last main wife. The King would wisely say later, ‘I slept with all but one of my chief wives,’ she wrote. “I don’t want to ban anyone’s cover, but I know who it is. ”

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