Elvis Presley: How Harrison Ford Imitated Him During His Early Career

Elvis Presley and Harrison Ford are both iconic images, however, one may not link one to the other. Nonetheless, Columbia Pictures tried to make Ford look more like King of Rock ‘n’ Roll in the early years of his career. Here’s how.

Harrison Ford in a suit
Harrison Ford | LIFE photo collection through Getty Images

How Harrison Ford ‘s studio tried to be more like Elvis Presley

During an interview with GQ, Ford spoke of his expectations for his early career. “I never expected to be amazing. I think I thought it would be nice if my parents thought I wasn’t completely f * ck up. ”

Ford was from Wisconsin but decided he had to move elsewhere to roll his career. “That’s when I first thought of being an actor for money,” he recalled. “I knew I had to go to LA or New York, and quickly, because it had started to snow. So I moved a coin. He came up New York, so I moved him again so I could go to LA. I was not going hungry and freezing. ”

“Suspicious mind”

In addition, two of the most famous tracks from the Elvis in the 1960s – “Suspicious Minds” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love” – ​​appear on the film’s soundtrack. The soundtrack at Runner Blade 2049 reached Number 53 on the Counting Board 200. Runner Blade 2049 confirming that both Ford and Elvis were important cultural figures long after they were first famous.

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