Elvis Presley Had a Dream Career Outside of Singing

Elvis Presley has had a lot of things over his decades career. According to his followers, he was the king of rock and roll. For his colleagues in the music industry, few were as capable as him, winning several Grammy Awards (including winning a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award when he was just in his mid-30s) and breaking records for the best records he ever made on the Billboard charts.

While his musical career is the focus of the world, there is one surprising truth about Elvis’ star-studded career: In another life, Elvis says he may never have been a celebrity. roc-is-rolla.

Elvis Presley laughs from a car with a toy gun
Elvis Presley laughs with a toy gun | Getty Images

Guns and law enforcement had captured Elvis Presley

Sandwiched between his releases King of Creole table and its Elvis is back! album, Presley served in the U.S. Army from March 1958 to March 1960. But this was almost the only case where Presley’s time and energy was spent on guns and law enforcement. Of course, the king of rock and roll was also the king of collecting souvenirs and police guns.

In fact, according to the Smithsonian, Presley spent more than $ 100,000 on handguns for Christmas gifts. He was also a keen collector of police and law enforcement, and held an extensive collection of police badges.

The Smithsonian reports that Presley was so popular, he once wrote to President Richard Nixon. Presley voluntarily relinquished his prestigious status and his assurances if Nixon gave him a Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Bureau badge.

The king traveled to Washington, DC, with his collection of police brooches and guns, met Nixon, and got his wish: a federal brooch. However, this obsession was more than just about collecting police memorabilia.

The King wanted to be a police officer

According to Cantwell’s book An Elvis Presley I Knew, as reported by the Elvis Presley Fan Club, Presley grew so close to the Denver police force that he was named honorary captain of the force.

“The Denver police even gave Elvis the uniform of a Denver police captain, whom Elvis would accuse him of,” say historians at the Denver Public Library. When Presley died, the Denver police force even broadcast news of his death on their police radio network.

And that’s not it. The fan club also reports that Presley has been named honorary chief executive of the Memphis sheriff’s division, and the National Security Archive reports that Nixon named Presley as a federal agent in general.

Leave it to Presley to fulfill his two dream jobs. The King was very character.

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