Elvis Presley Controlled Priscilla’s Look So Aggressively She Felt Like His ‘Living Doll’

Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley are a iconic couple for music fans everywhere. Elvis, known as the “King of Rock and Roll,” married Priscilla at the height of his fame, and the two went on to welcome one child together.

Although they later parted ways, for many fans, the couple still have a connection and always will. However, in the last few years, a number of Elvis ’behavior has been seen as a major problem, especially in light of his early relationship with Priscilla.

When did Elvis Presley first meet Priscilla Presley?

In 1959, Elvis first met Priscilla Beaulieu while stationed at a military base in Germany. Elvis and the young girl struck a chord, despite the fact that there was a 10-year-old gap between them – and a world of difference in experience.

After sending Elvis back to the United States, he and his young girlfriend maintained a long-distance relationship, writing letters to each other and staying in touch.

Priscilla and Elvis Presley
Priscilla and Elvis Presley Getty Images

In 1962, Priscilla persuaded her parents to let her move to Graceland, Elvis’ home. While they waited at first, her parents finally gave in, allowing the teenager to move to Tennessee.

There, she entered a very different practice from anything she had known before – one she would eventually call “lonely, ”Since she was particularly surrounded by Elvis’ business associates and friends. She had no real friends of her own, and apparently had no outside identity to be Presley’s boyfriend.

When did Elvis and Priscilla get married?

In May 1967, Elvis and Priscilla officially took matters into their own hands and tied the knot in a Las Vegas concert. The couple did not like the newlywed stage for a long time, as they welcomed their daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, just nine months after the wedding.

It was only after the birth of their daughter that their relationship began to go downhill. In 1972, Priscilla Presley filed for divorce.

Despite the separation, the former couple remained close friends. Just until Elvis died in 1977, he and Priscilla were close, arguing and seeing each other often for the sake of the girl they loved so much.

To this day, Priscilla works hard to maintain her husband’s legacy, working with historians and authors to record his life.

Elvis was in control of the way Priscilla looked and dressed

Unfortunately, Elvis’ legacy has been somewhat tainted in recent years by some reports that say he enjoyed too much comfort for his girlfriends – a claim that is somewhat reinforced by that he and Priscilla started dating when she was just 14 years old.

By the way, several biographies claim that Elvis was obsessive over his wife, controlling everything from the way she wore her hair to the way she dressed. according to History-life.com, Elvis put hats on Priscilla ‘s teeth, made her turn the color black (to match it), and even asked that she wear a dress to add to what he was wearing. Priscilla later described it as “an Elvis live doll, to fashion as he wished. ”

Priscilla wrote a reminder that her husband would not like to see her without a maker, telling her: “You need to put more medicine around your eyes. Get them to stand out more. They are naturally too simple. I like a lot of makeup. It describes your features. ” She went on to say that the main reason she parted ways with Elvis was not that she didn’t love him – it was just that she got tired of his rules and wanted to explore the world for herself. .

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