Ellen DeGeneres Made Fun of Kendall Jenner for a Pointless Instagram Post that Received 14 Million Views

Several Kardashians / Jenners have visited Ellen DeGeneres exhibition over the years. And Kendall Jenner has showered on the talk show several times. She spoke to Ellen DeGeneres about her birthday party in early 2020. And the two also commented on one of Jenner’s Instagram posts that DeGeneres didn’t understand at all.

Kendall Jenner posted a post about her ‘wing wing’ to Instagram

Kendall Jenner attends a football game
Kendall Jenner attending a football match Photos Kevork Djansezian / Getty

The Kardashian / Jenner clan is very popular on social media. And it looks like they can post just about any photo or video and make it go viral. This seems to be true for Kendall Jenner, as she posted a video on her own in front of a mirror in January 2020 – and the post has received over 28 million views to date.

Jenner just put forward the post, “the breadth of the wings.” And it shows the model reaching her arm above her head and out to her side. Her body is also full of vision.

Khloé Kardashian seems to have thought that Jenner’s role was just to reveal her body, however. “We’ll get it – you’re perfect,” Kardashian said. And others seem to have thought the same thing.

“We’ll find out it’s a body scan,” wrote another fan in response to the post.

Ellen DeGeneres asked about the post which received millions of comments

DeGeneres seems to be the one most confused by the “wing space” role. When Jenner visited Ellen DeGeneres exhibition in January 2020, the host asked the model what the job was about.

“Explain to me… Okay,” DeGeneres began. “You’re posting this, and it’s got, like, a trillion views. As, how many? Fourteen million views because you did that. What made you want to do that and it’s called the ‘wingspan’? And why those 14 million views? ”

“I don’t know,” Jenner replied as she held out her arms, “I have a long wing span and I felt like people should know. It was so random, but it’s amazing. Jenner then admitted that the post is “mindless,” but finds it funny that these types of posts get the most attention.

DeGeneres then put Jenner’s wing to the test by going backwards with the model. And Jenner’s arms don’t seem to be as long as she thinks. “You have the breadth of long wings, but not that much longer,” DeGeneres said.

DeGeneres joked about the post again with an old photo of Jenner

It looks like DeGeneres wasn’t ready to make fun of Jenner’s “wingpan” post. During the same interview, DeGeneres commented on how stars from Netflix docuseries, Cheer, joins her and Jenner on stage. And for a laugh, the guest gave a talk show previewing a bad picture of Jenner during her happy high school days.

“No!” Jenner smiled and yelled as the picture was drawn. “Why would you share this photo? ”

“That was the width of the wings! DeGeneres joked since Jenner’s arms were in a fungal position.

“My friends used this photo to make fun of me,” Jenner said.

“That’s the breadth of wings getting ready to go,” DeGeneres mocked again with an added smile from the audience.

Jenner took the photo as funny and did not put any harsh feelings against DeGeneres for showing it to the public. But we bet she’ll think twice about posting another photo of her shield to social media after an interview full of questioning and ridicule.

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