Elizabeth Taylor Was Publicly Denounced by the Vatican for One of Her Affairs

Talk about Catholic guilt. Many of Elizabeth Taylor’s marriages were always a topic of conversation in the tabloids. The star, who died in 2011, married seven men in her lifetime, and even married one of them twice. And one of her affairs was so public, so controversial, that the Vatican felt it had to be dealt with in public.

Elizabeth Taylor is pictured at home on February 20, 1957, in Beverly Hills, California |  CBS Photo Archive / Getty Images
Elizabeth Taylor is pictured at home on February 20, 1957, in Beverly Hills, California | CBS Photo Archive / Getty Images

Elizabeth Taylor married seven men in her lifetime

In addition to her violet eyes and stormy acting course, Taylor was famous for her relationships. The actress was just 18 when she first married Conrad ‘Nicky’ Hilton Jr., the son of the Conrad Hilton hotelier, in 1950. But this was far from her inception. . In fact, it was the third one. Before marrying Hilton, Taylor became involved with billionaire Bill Pawley and footballer Glenn Davis.

May 6, 1950, marked Taylor’s first wedding, however. And her employer, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) paid for her wedding dress. By this point, she was already good friends with Debbie Reynolds, whom she met in high school on the MGM mast.

Taylor’s second husband was Michael Wilding, whom she married in 1952. They had two sons together, Michael Jr. and Christopher. She had her third marriage with producer Mike Todd, who married Taylor on February 2, 1957. They welcomed their daughter, Liza Todd, in August 1957, after which Todd died tragically in a plane crash in March 1958.

After his death came one of Taylor’s most disgusting relationships: her relationship with Eddie Fisher. Fisher was sent by his wife, Reynolds, to comfort the mourning Taylor, and that sparked their romance. Fisher left Reynolds for Taylor in 1958, and they officially married in 1959, the day the divorce from Reynolds was terminated.

Just when the media thought Taylor’s love life couldn’t be more dramatic, she started filming Cleopatra in Rome. Burton was cast as Antony, and it didn’t take long for a relationship to begin. Their romance ended Taylor’s marriage to Fisher (something Reynolds wasn’t sure was true love, in the first place) and Burton’s marriage to Sybil Williams. And it was this relationship that sparked criticism from the Vatican.

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor
Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra | Walter Wanger

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were twice married

In her 1988 essay for People, Taylor explained why Burton was the true love of her life, even after two divorces.

“Even in rough times, I would not spend a single minute of my time with Richard Burton,” she wrote. “It wasn’t a minute of the roller-coaster years of our first marriage, or the unstarred effort of the second round.”

“We were like magnets, pulling around each other and, inconsistently, pushing away,” she continued. “Creating a life with him was far more interesting than explaining someone else’s life on screen, but then I always lived my life with too much pleasure being a direct interpreter of dreams. Along with Richard Burton, I lived my own elegant, passionate fantasy. Over time it became too difficult to keep up and we parted physically, but those years will never be forgotten. ”

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