Edward Norton Says an Ancient Greek Titan Inspired His Performance in Marvel’s ‘The Incredible Hulk’

Actors occasionally draw inspiration from unexpected places to fulfill their roles, and it’s always interesting to hear where their ideas come from. For acclaimed actor Edward Norton, this could not have been more true.

Interestingly, Norton saw many similarities between the Hulk and the Greek Prometheus Titan, which inspired his creative vision for the film Marvel The Incredible Hulk.

Ed Norton was a little apprehensive about being locked in a Hulk character

Ed Norton
Edward Norton attends the Talking Pictures screening of “Motherless Brooklyn” | Rich Fury / Getty Images for the Palm Springs International Film Festival

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Ed Norton became a footnote in Marmat Cinematic Universe after appearing in 2008 The Incredible Hulk. A highly successful Marvel Flick is often overlooked compared to more successful Marvel franchises, such as iron Man and The Avengers.

Ged The Incredible Hulk not as successful as some expected it to be, Norton still enjoyed working on it. He ended up parting ways with the franchise and was later replaced by Mark Ruffalo Avengers films, leaving many people wondering what made him leave his career.

During a 2019 interview with Joe Rogan, Norton admitted he was worried he would become too sensible with the role, like Chris Hemsworth with Thor or Robert Downey Jr with Iron Man.

“Obviously, I was more worried about it,” Norton said. “You know, I was really interested in it because I enjoyed it. I don’t like, snobby about it – I really liked such, comics and I joined Hulk. Everything darker, as Dark Knight, Frank Miller [unintelligible] everything was really, you know, it was something I was thinking about. And I really liked Bill Bixby Hulk. How it is for me… ”

Ed Norton compares The Hulk to Prometheus

For Norton, his interest in the Hulk ran deep. He saw similarities between the character and others in works of historical narrative, most notably the Ancient Greek Prometheus Titan. When the time came to work The Incredible Hulk, Norton was determined to incorporate the story of Prometheus into his character.

“Hulk is like that – it’s Prometheus, right? ”Norton said. “The man who steals fire from the gods for people, but is burned and is cursed, right? It tries to accept, the power of nature back out to humans from the gods and is burned, which is how I thought about it. I was like, if we could do something like that, that jumps into this guy who thinks he’s going for something good, he’s going to help humanity and he pushes like that, the side of God and brings out something that is not going to be taken out and now he is cursed, like cursed, you know, that was amazing. . ”

Norton and Marvel disagree about ‘The Incredible Hulk’

While Norton had an idea to create a darker, more dangerous version of the Hulk, it seems The Dark Knight trilogy, the studio had different intentions. Norton was shocked to learn that Marvel Studios had not invested as much in its vision as it thought.

Marvel defended their decision to replace Norton with a statement stating that their choice was “certainly not one based on money factors, but instead rooted in the need for an actor who bringing in the creativity and collaborative spirit of our other talented members, ”he said Vanity Fair.

Norton fired back in a New York Times interview, saying “In the end they didn’t go long, dark and heavy. But it doesn’t matter. We had some positive conversations about going on with the movies, and we looked at how long that would take, and I wasn’t going to do that. ”

In addition to the length of the project, Norton’s funding requests exceeded what Marvel was willing to pay. Eventually, the split worked out for both parties, as Norton continued its fertile career and Marvel made several successes. Avengers movies.

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