Eddie Van Halen Never Knew His Son Wolfgang Wrote This Song About Him

Wolfgang Van Halen is still mourning the death of his father, Eddie Van Halen. Elder Van Halen died on Oct. 6 after a battle with neck and lung cancer. Wolfgang began writing the song “Distance” in praise of his father when he was ill. Now, the song is out with a music video full of home movies of Wolfgang as a child with his father.

Eddie Van Halen
Eddie Van Halen | Daniel Knighton / Getty Images

Wolfgang appeared to him Howard Stern Exhibition on 16 November. He told Stern that his father had heard “Distance” but he never knew it was about him.

Eddie Van Halen’s judgment made ‘Distance’ a priority for Wolfgang

Wolfgang said he initially thought “Distance” could be a song for a later album. However, when it became clear that Eddie didn’t have much time, Wolfgang moved “Astar” up.

“We never talked about that,” Van Halen said. “Overall, it was a song about loss. I don’t think it was really related to what it was about but he loved the song anyway. ”

Although Wolfgang still laments, he said that “Distance” ended him by working through many of his emotions.

“It was just thoughts going around in my head,” Van Halen said. “Composing music is a great way to get those feelings out so that they never sit in your head. It was good to express those feelings. ”

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