Eddie Van Halen Forgot How to Play the ‘Beat It’ Solo After Recording It for Michael Jackson

Very few rocks have influenced classic rock like Eddie Van Halen and Michael Jackson. Together, the two musicians have collected several Grammy awards and dozens of number one Billboard beats. Both were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (e.g. Jackson, twice). But there is a hidden connection between the two late musicians that even some of their most loyal fans do not know, and it comes with a surprisingly difficult twist. blow – pun an expectation.

Eddie Van Halen | David Tan / Getty Images

Eddie Van Halen and Michael Jackson cast a huge shadow over the American musical landscape

You’d think a guitar solo would be as unique and famous as the one in “Beat It” embellished with the creator’s memory forever, but that wasn’t true. Years later, Van Halen had trouble remembering how to play.

Jennifer Batten was one of the guitarists to play for Michael Jackson, and she was the one who played the solo guitar in “Beat It” when Jackson sang it on stage. In an interview with GuitarWorld, Batten says she had a chance to run in with Van Halen in the late 1980s after “Beat It” came out.

“Tech Eddie came over and I asked if I could come and meet him,” she recalls. “And as soon as I walked into the room, he put on his guitar and he wanted me to play the [‘Beat It’] alone. So, of course, I did. “

She says Van Halen put on a guitar and asked her to walk through it again and remind him how it went. “Because it wasn’t something he had played with Van Halen – he was once in the studio and then he went on his way,” she recalls. “But I’d say he picked it up again!”

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