‘DWTS’: Cheryl Burke Thinks the Judges Might Need To Be ‘Refreshed’ on the Rules

Dancing with the stars undoubtedly changed over the years – something dancer Cheryl Burke can attest to. Showbiz Cheat Sheet spoke with Burke on the phone and discussed the lack of consistency that Burke feels is needed in terms of how the judges get their dances this season.

AJ McLean and Cheryl Burke
AJ McLean and Cheryl Burke Eric McCandless through Getty Images

Cheryl Burke and AJ McLean deleted ‘Icons Night’

Many fans thought McLean and Burke would make it to the finals this season. They were exterminated after dancing the Viennese Waltz to Queen and Jive’s “Somebody To Love” against Johnny Weir and his partner, Britt Stewart.

Despite McLean and Burke winning the dance, the judges paid more attention to the messages in his first dance. Burke and McLean were eventually in the bottom two, and judges Weir and Stewart chose to save.

Cheryl Burke may retire soon

Burke and Mclean are not just dance partners. They also host the Pretty Messed Up podcast together. On several occasions, Burke has abandoned the idea DWTS.

“People are asking if I’m retiring,” Burke said during theHow difficult was that?”Program of the exhibition.

“It’s not so much about the show or me getting older with this fear that AJ has expressed,” she continued. “Is it about whether this show is still like the show I submitted?”

Burke’s background is in ballroom dancing, which allowed her to excel as a pro on the show. Now, Burke feels her ballroom experience is losing its value as the judges shift their focus.

Cheryl Burke misses Len Goodman’s criticism

During the podcast, Burke mentioned how Dancing with the stars it’s not the same without chief judge Len Goodman. The judge who is picky about a lift is probably Carrie Ann Inaba. But Goodman was the judge who would consistently call mistakes, no matter who the contestant was or how loud the audience would rejoice.

This season, Goodman was replaced by Burke’s co-star Derek Hough. And while she thinks Hough is doing a commendable job, Burke still feels something is missing.

“If I look at the steps of others, [the judging is] very different, ”Burke said on the podcast. “[Other couples] break a grip, and then they come back. I had no idea – when did the rules change? Basically, we get punished by staying in custody and not generating as much energy, but then people are praised for breaking an arrest. ”

Cheryl Burke says ‘Dancing With the Stars’ needs ‘consistency’

Goodman has a good history in dance. Before he became its chief judge Dancing with the stars, Goodman was a ballroom dancer himself. His years of helpful experience and criticism are part of what Burke misses most of this season.

“I think Derek is doing an amazing job, don’t get me wrong,” Burke told Showbiz. “I think what is needed is consistency. As I said before, there [are] special rules. We always were [those rules] from the first day I started back in 2006. ”

Burke explained how each dance style has its own criteria. She said the quickstep and the tango as the dances where there would be competitors can’t seizure rupture.

“You have to stay in body communication,” Burke explained. “Meaning there is no space between rib cages for boys. When you dance and then you are in a frame, your arms are held up at all times. And that’s part of the challenge because it’s so easy to break a frame. Living in a frame is not easy. ”

This season, Burke feels the judges ignored this rule only occasionally.

Cheryl Burke thinks the judges may need to update the rules on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Burke feels this season, the judges are not paying enough attention to those rules – or they are picking and choosing when those rules apply.

“Nothing has changed as far as I can, because nobody noticed me then we don’t have to stick to it. [those rules], ”Burke added. “Judges need to be updated on what this is or we must be told there are no longer any rules.”

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