Drew Barrymore Lived With David Crosby After Being Emancipated at 14 Years Old

Drew Barrymore prospered very early in his life, becoming a star at just seven years old. She later became involved in the wild Hollywood lifestyle during her childhood, eventually having to move in and be freed from her mother.

Shortly after her release, she was able to stay with David Crosby, an exciting time in her life. She even got to tour with Crosby and his bands, which more than most teens can say they’ve ever done.

Drew Barrymore was released from her mother at the age of 14

Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore | Bravo Photo Bank / NBCU

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Barrymore described her emancipation journey in a new interview with 2016 Howard Stern. According to Barrymore, the process was very smooth.

“Yep, again, shook our hand, and it was a very honorable court date,” Barrymore said.

She lived with David Crosby after her release

After her release, she lived with Crosby, whom she felt would be a good example of a solemn stay.

“I had to live with David Crosby for two months,” Barrymore said.

She even got to tour with the legendary musician.

“He was an interesting character,” Barrymore said. “Very angry. But I got to go on tour with them, and I would go out on Neil Young. I was just like, ‘That’s the coldest man ever,’ “Barrymore said. “And I’m a girl in the valley and it was like, ‘Oh God. ‘”

She had difficult times while living there

Later in the interview, Barrymore assured Stern that there was no walking reset in the park. However, she believes it was just the knowledge she needed to get her life back on track.

“You know what, I have to say I had just come out of being in an institution for a year and a half, and it was a really bad lock, like the 30-day Hollywood Malibu beach bull wasn’t on relocation—-, ”said Barrymore. “This was a school of hard rock in the hardest way. And I’m 13 to 14, but I swear by God that this is what I needed. There was no way I would be there without that year and a half. ”

After living an intense life of partying, it was hard for her to change.

“It was a boot camp, and you got the shoe all the time,” Barrymore said. “And I hated it at first, I had nothing but freedom up to that point, dancing on tables at Helena’s and Studio 54 and Limelight and every club on the planet. And partying it, doing whatever I wanted, when I wanted. Suddenly, it was, ‘You don’t have freedom, you make out your life, and you have the best insurance policy ever so you stay here until we tell you that you have changed. ‘”

Despite the struggle, Barrymore’s relocation left him feeling like a completely different person.

“It was so upsetting at first, but over that year and a half, I was left there as, the most humble man you could ever imagine,” Barrymore said.

Drew Barrymore said her institution saved her life

Barrymore credits her time in rehabilitation and institutionalization by saving her life. Her experiences contributed to the fast track to a healthier lifestyle.

“They did, in a year and a half, as they should have [been] made over 18 years, ”said Barrymore. “And I literally left there thinking, ‘I’ll never take anything.”

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