‘Drag Race Holland’: Sederginne Sounds off on Her Shocking Elimination

Sederginne, who fans saw as one of the top players if not an introductory puzzle of RuPaul Draw Race spinoff, Drag Race Holland, was the latest to put sashay away from the main stage. In a recent interview, the queen talked about getting rid of her, what she could regret, and much more.

'Drag Race Holland'
‘Drag Race Holland’ | The world of wonder

Many fans think Sederginne could win

Following up on the latest episode, Sederginne had a big thing Drag race queens have never done it before: she excelled in every show she was in. Sederginne did very well in every challenge and on the runway. However, she has had a very bad week recently.

She bombed the capture game as Mega Mindy and was also the weakest outfit on the runway. Despite having a good history, Sederginne could not be saved from getting a week off. She ended up losing the 2 lip-sync at the bottom to Miss Abby OMG.

According to Sederginne, she has no hard feelings against the show and the judges want to dismiss her. “I am not a hateful person. The judges gave critics and they thought it wasn’t my best outfit, and it’s true. It’s just false because I worked in the workplace at home on the suits for so many hours, ”she said. When they called my name to sashay away, I was just broken. You could hear that in the words I said when I left the runway because I was just empty. ”

Describing her time on display as “party” and “amazing,” there is something she would like to ask the judges. She asked, “The only thing I would like to ask the judges is: when was the last time you saw a drawing show? I think that response would be terrible. ”

Drag Race Holland air on WOW Presents Plus in the United States.

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