Dr. Dre’s Estranged Wife Thinks He Has Other Kids She Doesn’t Know About

The ongoing legal battle between Dr. Dre and Nicole Young continues with new allegations.

Since Young filed for divorce in June, some of their court proceedings have gone out to the public. Along with allegations of infidelity, there has been an allegation of abuse and indecency.

Initially, there was a struggle about the conditions and being in a prenuptial agreement. With the latest development, it is alleged that Young suspects that the producer / mogul sent children outside of their marriage.

Dr. Dre and Nicole Young
Dr. Dre and Nicole Young at the City Of Hope Gala, 2018 | Paul Archuleta Pictures / FilmMagic / Getty

Recall Nicole Young vs. Dr. Dre so far

Young applied for spice support to the tune of $ 2 million a month back in September, stating that she wanted to maintain her lifestyle. She said a prenup was not legitimate in her place because her husband tore her in love after she forced her name.

She asked for payment for her security team and $ 5 million for her legal costs. Young also wanted to apply for Dr. Dre’s trademarks on name and The Chronic album. A judge fired her pleas.

Afterwards, Dr. Dre’s team filed a police report against Young alleging that she had misappropriated money. Young has been accused by Dre of hiding assets and there has been a steady stream of counter-appeals.

Young reportedly finds accused mothers, father issues

By the end of October, there were rumors that Young was filing subpoenas to summon several mothers of Dr. Dre’s accusation. Several places like the Daily Mail reported that Young was seeking three women – Kili Anderson, Jillian Speer, and Crystal Rogers – for their testimony about cases outside of an allegation by Dr. Dre.

The Daily mail report that the women found a lawyer named Kris LeFan who denied having any information or connection to the producer / mogul.

Out of the uprising, LeFan said, “No other marital relationship would be relevant because California is a faultless divorce state and in a claim or proceeding for divorce or legal separation. parties, including deposits and discovery proceedings, specific evidence that misconduct is inappropriate and impermissible. “

according to TMZ, Young is now urging her grown-up husband to turn over any documents that show his father’s circumstances have been challenged. She is said to be trying to find out if he had any children during their 24-year marriage.

What is involved in their divorce?

In 2019, Forbes Dr. Dre’s net worth was $ 800 million. Some of the couple’s issues stem from the division of property and assets. Under California law, if they can’t reach an agreement on their own, the court will do it for them.

There are questions about community ownership versus individual property, and what was acquired together at the time of marriage. Whether both parties financially contributed to the mortgage or other obligations tended to arise at California divorce proceedings. Things can be deceptive and complex.

Young was reportedly not working. Dr Dre and his wife are still at an early stage and are deciding how to share their fortunes.

The two share two children together and Young was the stepmother of Dr. Dre’s other three children. All the children are now adults.

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