‘Double Shot at Love’: Proof the Cast Checks Reddit

The Double picture at love cast is very active on social media. One A double image of love stars check Reddit regularly and recently voiced their hatred on Twitter.

Session 2 'Double Shot at Love'
Season 2 ‘Double Shot at Love’ MTV

Maria Elizondo underwent fat removal surgery

Elizondo has been considering fat removal surgery – aka his Brazilian Butt Lift – for a while. She has been very vocal with her fans on social media regarding the decision.

“I have always been very public about certain private moments in my life,” Elizondo said Instagram. “After thinking about it for a long and hard time and talking about it with friends and family, I have decided to get a fat transfer, which is largely BBL, to get to my troubled areas like the my hip joints and the teeth on my thigh made me very unsteady over time. ”

In September 2020, Elizondo arrived in Florida for her procedure with the UU Best Plastic Surgery Center. As she recorded when she recovered, the surgery went smoothly. Elizondo stayed in Florida after the surgery to get the care of a medical professional.

Maria Elizondo had health issues after her surgery

In deleted social media posts, Elizondo shared the news that she was having problems as a result of her leg surgery. Fortunately, her doctor took care of the issues.

As Elizondo recorded her procedure and got her back on Instagram and tagged the center that completed the surgery, many fans were under the impression that she got the free surgery as trade increased. When Elizondo needed repairs, stay tuned Reddit they were obliged to comment.

“Her devices were caught in surgery and she is having major problems at the moment,” the fan wrote. “This is why she hasn’t been posting at the moment and she may be able to tell you soon. Remember children if you get free surgery think twice and choose a reputable doctor instead. ”

Elizondo needs to look at the Double picture at love Reddit thread because she called that user out on Twitter.

Maria Elizondo spoke to her haters from Reddit

Elizondo has since removed the tweets regarding her surgery and the latest tweet dealing with the aforementioned Reddit user. However, another fan on Reddit caught the tweet in which she called someone who made assumptions about her.

“Absolutely in from Reddit saying I’m in FL for botched surgery, you’re a * shole idiot,” wrote Elizondo (via Reddit). “I have an infectious body shake that needs to be drained, and because the hut is sensitive, the surgeon is the only person qualified to do it. You are dumb f * cks. ”

Some fans are now paranoid about posting to Reddit, and are familiar with the Double picture at love a cast keeps an eye out to see what fans are saying.

“Lmao, this is why I’ve always said that we shouldn’t make assumptions about certain things about the projector, because I trust they’re reading the comments,” he said. another follow pointed out. “They may not answer but read the comments.”

The next time you feel compelled to make assumptions about it Double picture at love cast, you know they might be watching.

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