‘Double Shot at Love’ Fans Are Criticizing This Season 1 Star for Posting a Photo With Pauly DelVecchio

Double picture at love star Elle Wilson has been on fire recently. Both fans and former MTV fans have a lot to say about former Vinny Guadagnino and Pauly DelVecchio on social media. Now, they are criticizing Wilson for saying that he cast a shadow on DelVecchio’s girlfriend, Nikki Hall.

Pauly DelVecchio
Pauly DelVecchio | Charles Sykes / Bravo Photo Bank / NBCU / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Elle Wilson did not return for ‘Double Shot at Love’ Season 2

There’s a lot of debate about whether Wilson chose not to return for season 2 of Double picture at love or she was not invited back. Some fans believe that producers deliberately left her out of season 2. Others believe it was Wilson’s choice not to return to the MTV series to graduate. Wilson is currently working on getting his master, as recorded on social media.

In a “Show me a picture of” session on Wilson’s Instagram Stories, one fan raised his absence on season 2 of Double picture at love.

“I was so sorry you didn’t come back,” they said Reddit). Wilson replied, writing:

It’s great! I got (in May I graduated) my master’s degree during that time and it was worth it. Maybe next season, or maybe something else.

Maria Elizondo says ‘Double Shot at Love’ didn’t want Elle Wilson back

In a tweet since deleted, Wilson’s Double picture at love Co-star Maria Elizondo said there is something that many fans accept about her: “But you weren’t called back for the show? ”

“So it’s about Elle?” a fan was amazed Reddit. “Seeing as she was just posting about getting her masters degree instead of going ahead DSAL2. She may have taken it as a shadow. “

“I don’t know how Elle tried to change her tune by saying she was busy getting her master when she originally said they didn’t ask her back,” said another fan. “She’s on now.”

‘DSAL’ fans scare Elle Wilson for sharing a photo with DJ Pauly D.

In the same “Show me a picture of” session, another fan asked to see Wilson’s pictures A double image of love. She shared a group photo of her and some of the other women from season 1, including Suzi Baidya.

“I deleted it as 90% of it [my] Double shoe pics, so this is one of the bad lies, ”Wilson wrote over the group photo. Wilson also shared a photo of herself sitting with DelVecchio.

“LMAO, I have so many random screenshots … I didn’t even know we were filming tonight! ”She wrote the picture of her and the Jersey Coast DJ. “I thought we just wanted to look at the house, thank God I looked great. ”

This photo upset some Reddit users, who were worried that Wilson would share photos with “someone else’s.”

“Nobody else thinks it’s weird that she chose a picture of herself on a date with someone else’s?” an said an annoyed fan. “Why was this screen burned after at least two years? And if she deleted 90% of the DSAL pictures, why keep the one with Pauly? ”

Many fans believe that Elizondo ‘s attack on Wilson is linked to some behind – the – scenes drama between Wilson and DelVecchio’ s girlfriend Hall.

“Judging from Maria’s tweets and Nikki’s co-signing, there’s definitely a bit of drama going on behind the scenes – so she wouldn’t post this anyway so far away,” explained another follower.

It is unclear at this time whether something happened between Wilson and Hall.

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