Dolly Parton Shares How Her Father Inspired Her Successful Children’s Charity

Dolly Parton is an inspiration and role model. She picked up the course of her music and wealth from the beginning, and she also lives a life of kindness and generosity. One of her charitable endeavors is the Image Library, which provides books to young children as they learn to read. Parton says she got the idea for this particular project from her late father.

Dolly Parton | Rui Vieira – PA Photos through Getty Images

Parton was his guest Oprah Conversation on 13 November. When Winfrey asked about the Image Library, Parton told the story of how her father inspired the idea and how he helped her build the charity before he died.

Dolly Parton just saw illiteracy growing up

Parton tells many stories of growing up poor. She sings about them too. These stories are not just about her coat of many colors or other struggles. Parton says she saw her father struggle with a limited formal education.

“Going back to why I started the Image Library, my dad grew up back in the mountains of East Tennessee as well,” Parton told Winfrey. “He comes from a very large family of 14, 15 children. Back in those days and in those hills, most people didn’t get to go to school because it was just a one-room school and it was a mile or two away in bad weather or even though whatever it was. Most people like that, their children had to go to work in the fields, trying to help feed the rest of the family. ”

Parton saw the emotional effects of missing out on school on her father later in life.

Dolly Parton Image Library
Dolly Parton | Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

“I thought, ‘Well, it will do well in our small county there, Sevier county and maybe a few counties over there. ‘The next thing you know, they took it all over Tennessee. Governor Bill Bredesen at the time, thought it was a good program. Now he is in Canada. It’s all over the world and we’ve donated about 150 million books since we started. ”

Even now that he’s gone, Parton thinks Robert is looking down on the Image Library.

“My dad lived long enough to see the Image do well and the little ones called me the book’s wife,” said Parton. “So I always know he’s up there somewhere thinking, ‘Go, daughter. You are doing well. ‘”

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