Dolly Parton Once Shared One Reason Why She Wears Wigs, and It Has to Do With Her Height

When it comes to fashion and style, Dolly Parton knows what she likes. A country music legend has been keeping an eye on her signature – one she says she modeled on the “tramp of the city” – for decades. Now 74, singer “Jolene” is still wearing layered dresses, sky high heels, and her famous wigs. In fact, Parton is rarely seen without a wig when she shares a throwback photo on it Instagram of her natural hair, fans were amazed.

Parton has not kept a secret about her love of glitz and glamor. But her perspective also has a practical side. In an early interview, she opened up about why she chose to wear a wig rather than showing off her proper hair. While she said she loved convenience without styling her mane, she had another reason for browning fake hair. It was related to her height.

Dolly Parton is just 5 feet tall

Dolly Parton in 1976
Dolly Parton | Anndra Putler / Redferns

In addition to giving her 5-foot frame a lift, Parton has other reasons for preferring wigs.

“I wear wigs for convenience, but my hair is blond and long, and when I fix my hair, I fix it the same way. I wear wigs just because I don’t like to sit under a hairdresser for a long time and I don’t like to spend all day priming, ”she told the Tennessean.

“A lot of people think, from the way I look, that I spend hours and hours getting ready,” she said. “[B]ut I can be completely in 30 minutes. ”

Another reason Parton wanted wigs? She has done a lot of damage to her natural hair over the years.

“I’ve been making fun of my own hair for years and years and it’s really your hair,” she told Rolling Stone in a 1977 interview (also included Dolly on Dolly). “[S]about three years ago I started wearing wigs because it’s convenient. ”

Parton said people expect her to look a certain way

Dolly Parton in a yellow dress
Dolly Parton | Tim Mosenfelder / Getty Images

Eventually, fans came to expect Parton to look somehow, from the wigs to bedazzled outfits, she told Rolling Stone.

“[P]eople came to expect that from me and I come to expect it from myself, the flashy clothes and the jewelry and all the gaudy looks. I guess I created that part for me. I’ve always been fascinated by images of peace… stars are going to shine and maybe I just want to be star.

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