Does the Mandalorian Have the Force? Fans Get a Peek Into His Relationship With the Jedis

A new character is coming to the second season of Am Mandalorian. Instead, a character from another Star Wars series. Although Jedis are enemies of the Mandalorian, the child’s strength in the force may be linked to this new and mysterious character.

The Mandalorian does not have the force – which at least is known to viewers

When he is wounded in a battle with the mud, the Mandalorian makes a horrible discovery about the Child – he has his force. Yes, it takes a toll on its use, but the Mandalorian is shocked, realizing that may be the reason the Empire wanted it.

He may be one of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy, but the Mandalorian does not have the force. Anyway, he doesn’t know how to use the force yet. For season 2 of Am Mandalorian, this character comes in contact with a Jedi from someone else Star Wars series.

General view of the atmosphere at the premiere of the first Lucasfilm animated series, 'The Mandalorian'
Panoramic view of the atmosphere at the premiere of the first Lucasfilm animated series, ‘The Mandalorian’ | Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images for Disney

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The Mandalorian must return the child to his ‘tribe’

In the trailer, fans learned about boats in the past between “Mandalore the Great” and a magic group called Jedis. While they may be enemies, the Mandalorian’s job is to return the Child to his tribe. Here’s how.

The Mandalorian may not be strong with the force, but some Jedis are still hidden in this present world. Ahsoka Tano returns to the Star Wars hemisphere for season 2 of this original Disney + series, as seen during a short clip in the trailer.

Fans first met this character in the animated series, Clone Wars, where she worked as a Padawan at Anakin Skywalker. She quickly became popular among fans, joining the powerful women in the Star Wars hemisphere.

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There is a Jedi who appears in ‘The Mandalorian’

There is no word on whether there will be more Jedis Am Mandalorian. However, in an interview with Last date, Clone Wars director Dave Filoni shared what makes this character special.

“Children belonged to Ahsoka because she was a child in the first place like them,” Filoni said. “She was someone growing up at one time. Maybe they were related to some of her problems or some of the challenges she faced. She is right next to one of the greatest Jedi ever, Anakin, and one of the most skilled and one of the most knowledgeable, Obi-Wan Kenobi. “

These characters will appear in the upcoming season of this Star Wars series. Episodes of Am Mandalorian they are available on Disney +, with the second season first appearing on October 30, 2020, and new events appearing weekly.

Until then, fans can watch programs of the documentary series regarding the creation of the original show, with the title Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian. To learn more about Disney streaming platform and to subscribe, visit the website.

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