Does Karlie Kloss Wear Glasses?

Karlie Kloss may have found her way to fame as a model, but during her years in the public eye, she was not content to maintain that same kind of success. She has also gone on to become a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, and sometimes the subject of controversy. But her great efforts are not the only way Kloss stands out from her peers. She also enhances her look with an accessory that not many stars are confident enough to wear – and in Kloss’ s usual style, she takes it to a whole different level.

Karlie Kloss smiling, turned towards the camera
Karlie Kloss | Edward Berthelot / Getty Images

Model and more

Kloss is just 28 years old, and has already put together an impressive resume. As a successful supermodel, she has covered Vogue and walked in runway shows for Oscar de la Renta, Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior, and more. She was Victoria’s secret angel from 2013 to 2015 when she decided to cut ties with the company. She explained that as a woman, she felt she could no longer support the image they represent.

This kind of decision is typical of the supermodel, who has a passion for social justice. One of the projects in which she is involved is a non-profit organization she developed in 2015, called Kode With Klossy. The group tries to help girls learn how to write computer code and to succeed in the tech world.

Kloss has been controversial about her family ties. She is married to Josh Kushner, brother-in-law of Donald Trump, Jared. As a strong Liberal, Kloss has made it clear that she does not share the same values ​​as the 45th president. In fact, she has said she supported the Democratic nominee in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections.

Making glasses looks good

The graceful, enthusiastic, self-possessed model may not be the type of person you think of when you think of people who wear glasses. After all, as Yahoo pointing out, people often associate glasses with some sort of shy, less attractive, nerdy types.

But it would be a mistake to dismiss the notion of glasses as unattractive, especially for someone as arrogant as Kloss. Of course, she wears glasses – and no wonder she looks elegant in them. In fact, Kloss is so fond of the appearance of spectacles that she once partnered with a spectacle company to create her own line of sunglasses.

Karlie Kloss and Warby Parker

according to InStyle, in 2014, Kloss teamed up with glasses manufacturer Warby Parker to design a line of sunglasses. The three styles they came up with were named Julia, Marple, and Clara, and their look was as feminine as their namesakes. The frames were made of lightweight and durable titanium, and came in either a gold or silver tone. They had gradient lenses that were available in five different shapes.

As fans have been expecting, Kloss sunglasses were more than just a fashion statement. Warby Parker recognized the partnership by donating to one of Kloss’ favorite charities, Edible Schoolyard NYC. This nonprofit works in public schools to help create gardens where students can learn through hands-on instruction about healthy eating and how to prepare it.

Kloss has tried his hand at many businesses over the years, including a recent collaboration with Adidas. But its biggest goal seems to be not just financial gain, but making the world clearer. So obvious, of course, that you might just need a good pair of sunglasses.

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