‘Doctor Strange 2’ Director Sam Raimi Left a Big Problem for ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’

Sam Raimi is set to return to the Marmat Cinematic Universe when he directs Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness. Before his Spider-Man trilogy, Raimi was famous for horror movies like The evil dead. Raimi returned to lead the Starz series pilot Ash vs. dead evil in 2015, but star Bruce Campbell said there was a downside.

LR: Dana DeLorenzo, Bruce Campbell, Ray Santiago | Starz

Campbell was a guest of Michael Rosenbaum Inside you podcast on November 3. It appeared Ash vs. dead evil he ran into trouble as soon as Sam Raimi left.

Sam Raimi didn’t leave much for other directors ’Ash vs. Evil Dead ‘

Campbell appeared in all but one of Raimi’s films The ashes and the dead where Raimi cut his vision. They are old friends, but with a great movie director on the Ash vs. dead evil pilot paint other leaders to corner.

Sam Raimi piloted Ash vs Evil Dead pilot
Bruce Campbell | Starz

“Did we have a sales pitch and did you want to go home for dinner every night?” Campbell said. “Work for Rob Tapert and this production. We shoot in Auckland and we do it every night at seven o’clock. You want to work on a place for years and years and years, kill yourself. If you have a family, you really want to work with us. That was our playground every year for the team and it worked. Some of the crew members were like, ‘Oh yeah, I have little kids. ‘”

‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead ‘struggles after Sam Raimi

However, when Raimi completed the pilot, it was difficult for the leaders who followed to keep up. That also made Campbell tired, although the show lasted for three seasons.

“The first was the pilot led by Sam Raimi,” said Campbell. “We didn’t understand for sure, it was on the air out of the room. He had taken days off from the upcoming leaders to get enough days for his version of a viable pilot. He was on pirated days from all the other leaders. Then when Sam left, we were struck by a huge dose of truth. Oh, we have to do it this way faster than the pilot. “

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