DJ Khaled and Fat Joe Are Now on OnlyFans

Especially during the pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, it is increasingly being adopted by celebrities. OnlyFans to create accounts to connect with their fans. DJ Khaled and rapper Fat Joe recently announced that they have created a OnlyFans account that they both use.

Fat Joe and DJ Khaled
Fat Joe and DJ Khaled Johnny Nunez / WireImage

OnlyFans are becoming increasingly popular

OnlyFans is a social media platform where users can make money from their content instead of giving it away for free. There are several different membership options on the platform where you can pay for content each month. Fans can also sign up and pay for several months at a time. The talent can also deliver pay-per-view content and get single and / or exclusive fan recommendations

The stage, which is based out of London. It can be used for almost anything. Many makeup artists use it for tutorials and in general, it can be just another way for fans to get content from influencers, celebrities, and people online. However, OnlyFans has been popular for the way it changed sex work. It allows people to buy videos and more directly from the person and is a way for sex workers to be able to make money, especially with the restrictions imposed because of the pandemic.

Music artists DJ Khaled and Fat Joe have created accounts on OnlyFans

Like many other celebrities on the app, DJ Khaled and Fat joe do not use OnlyFans for explicit content. From the looks of it, they post inspiring and inspiring things on the OnlyFans consortium.

They both promoted a OnlyFans account on their Instagram pages. They both put together a video building a basketball game between the two.

The official description of the account reads, “welcome to SOLAS – the page for fans to find inspiring and inspiring content, where we guide fans to the‘ light ’as we ‘share interesting and behind-the-scenes insights. live. ”A subscription to the OnlyFans Fat Joe and DK Khaled account costs $ 20.

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