Did Zendaya and Her Rumored First Boyfriend Break up Over Cheating?

Although she never confirmed any relationship she was in, fans are always interested in Zendaya’s romantic life. Many fans visit her first relationship, which she often talked about. A famous actress and singer is universally seen as her first boyfriend.

Zendaya and Trevor Jackson in 2014
Zendaya and Trevor Jackson in 2014 | Johnny Nunez / BET / Getty Photos for BET

Zendaya has been associated with a few people over the years

Zendaya has never been public on any relationship, but she has been romantically linked to several public figures, Jackson among them. Odell Beckham Jr., and runs Spider-Man co-star, Tom Holland. Rrumors followed about Holland and Zendaya after the first film in the Spider-Man franchise. While the stars have insisted that they are just friends, it has not stopped fans from making up their own theories. Recently, she was attached to her Euphoria co-star, Jacob Elordi, but is believed to have broken up.

Zendaya is believed to be talking about Trevor Jackson as her first love

In an interview with Vogue in 2017, Zendaya talked about breaking up with her “first love,” her four-year-old boyfriend. “It wasn’t a good ending … You know you’re okay when you don’t have the first thought, ‘What did I do wrong? ‘Yes,’ That was the worst decision of your life, and you are going to regret it forever. ‘”Jackson has been widely believed to be the lover she was talking about.

The same year, she also answered a question from a fan on her app and spoke for a second time about the relationship with this anonymous person.

“I know I’m not shy about telling you I went through a bad breakup last year. I’m hella over that but trust, it wasn’t easy, ”she wrote. “This is how I got through… I started to get a lot more fun. I tried new things – going out and just doing more stuff. A healthy relationship doesn’t mean you have to be with that person 24/7. ”

She also told fans that she made a decision, getting rid of things that reminded her of the relationship. “I got rid of old text messages, pictures and the clothes I still had,” she explained. ‘You don’t depend on old Band-Aids. Throw that in the trash! You need to get rid of everything related to them. It is better to get rid of their number. Or if you can’t release it, at least change the title of the name on your phone. ”

Why do people think there might have been some infidelity

For years, on internet message boards discussing Jackson and Zendaya’s relationship, people have been accused of fraud.

Zendaya also revealed once that a former boyfriend had deceived her. However, she now has a different view of the situation.

“You can’t sort of type of person because of something that once happened to you,” she said. “But I would say, follow your voice. If you feel [you’re being cheated on] e, it seems to be happening. If you feel like you can’t trust someone, or if you feel that way, you shouldn’t be in a relationship with them. ”

It is not clear about the status of their relationship now, but if this is true, it was years ago. Since they were very young, it is more likely that they have both moved on from anything that may have happened.

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