Did Solange’s Son Julez Smith and Skai Jackson Date and Have They Now Broken up?

As with typical teenage romances, in the event of a breakup it is customary for those involved to go to social media to express their grievances. When Beyoncé is deaf though, the attention is a little more focused.

Beyonce’s nephew, Daniel Julez Smith, Jr., commonly known as Julez, recently received some attention about the moving rumors about his relationship with Disney Channel actress and former star Skai Jackson. Smith, the son of artist Solange Knowles and his high school sweetheart, has remained largely out of the public eye except for appearances in family photos and videos.

Skai Jackson in 2019
Skai Jackson in 2019 | Photos by Michael Tullberg / Getty

Recently, however, images emerged from an accusation conversation in which he said. he explained his relationship with Jackson and seemed to offer strong criticism of his experience in the relationship.

Julez Smith and Skai Jackson are waiting after rumors surfaced and reportedly surfaced messages

Smith, 16, has a face that many recognize as one of the heirs to Knowles’ legacy. Jackson, 18, is best known for his role on the Disney Channel show Will stand. The two, who had not previously been captured on photos together, were said to be dating as a result of groupchat messages leaked where Smith was talking about their relationship.

Behind the two, poster fans are instantly recognized as memories from Jackson’s first Disney Channel show, Will stand.

As reported by Brand Jasmine, It was reported that Smith was told on his Instagram story whether he and Jackson were still friends, to which he replied, “f *** k no.”

Although neither party has specifically talked about the relationship since the news was discovered online, viewers were amazed at the romance and the two are still a mobile topic online.

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